Can you catch the Raven?

Raven Tools
Raven Tools

Yesterday, Raven Tools launched the second edition of their online scavenger hunt, RavenHunt. Once again they have some awesome prizes up for grabs: an Apple iPad, 1 year Pro subscription to Raven, books by Tamar Weinberg and Avinash Kaushik, a Search Engine Land premium membership AND RavenHunt t-shirts!

Participation is easy. Each day you are given riddles that you’ll need to solve in order to find clues that contain secret letters. Keep track of all of the secret letters you find, because at the end of the week you’ll need to unscramble them to form a secret word/phrase. The contest started yesterday, but you can join in at any time. The riddles and clues stay up throughout the contest, and are posted on the Raven Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The contest ends sometime Friday afternoon, so get playing! Last month we had the opportunity to be one of the blogs participating in RavenHunt (we had a clue hidden right here on the DSM blog).

Can you catch the Raven?

New .co top level domain will soon be available!

As you know, “co” is the standard abbreviation for company and .co will soon be available as a top level domain (“TLD”)! Up until now, this TLD has only been available within Colombia as the country’s ‘code’. This new TLD will provide a big traffic opportunity for business owners and search marketers as .co is a very common misspelling of .com.

Dates for registration

From April 26 to June 10 registered trademark owners will have the exclusive ability to register the new .co TLD for their registered trademark. (Needless to say, if you own a protected term you will certainly want to register it during this period!) After that protected period general public registration of .co TLD’s will begin in July.


The .co opportunity = additional traffic and brand management.
The .co risk = a cybersquatter registering your company’s trade name or marks before your do.
The goal = securing your company’s .co opportunity.

Good luck!

Heading To The Big Apple; SES NYC 2010

Local Summit NYC SES 2010Looking forward to another great NYC trip coming up next week March 22-25. This time for SES New York 2010 where I will be speaking on a Local Summit panel with some amazing guys who I look up to. (Will Scott, Chuck Reynolds & Marty Weintraub)

Update 4/17/10 Here is my presentation from SES NYC 2010 Local Summit:

This Post Is Dedicated To Matt McGee

How about this for a headline: Matt McGee, an Arizona Cardinals fan?

Matt McGee, a great friend of mine was such an awesome sport about this. Ok, maybe he was a little upset at himself for making this bet (The Arizona Cardinals would get further in the 2009 season than the Seahawks), but we had fun with it. To show my appreciation to Matt I wanted to make sure and post the pics for ALL to see. Here ya go Matt:

Matt McGee hesitant to put on the jersey!
Matt McGee wearing a Cardinals Jersey
This looks hard for this Seahawks fan
Matt McGee wearing an Arizona Cardinals Jersey
Matt still not looking "happy" with this fake smile here.
Matt McGee wearing Arizona Cardinals Jersey
What a good sport wearing the jersey during his Twitter clinc
Matt McGee wearing Arizona Cardinals Jersey
Love this, Thanks Matt for being such a good sport!

David Mink presents “Internet Marketing for Lawyers” at the Utah State Bar

On my 32nd birthday I had the opportunity to present an Internet marketing seminar to a group of attorneys at the Utah State Bar.  Having gone to law school and passed the bar I always enjoy an opportunity to rub shoulders with other attorneys.  However, I really enjoy being able to teach a bunch of experienced attorneys a thing or two.

Andrew Melchior and I spent about an hour presenting and taking Q & A.  You can find the slideshare presentation here: