Dream Systems Media Welcomes Luke Alley

Luke Alley Dream Systems Media
DSM Welcomes Luke Alley to the team

Luke Alley (update that LinkedIn page will you bud?) is the newest member of Dream Systems Media. Luke will be helping to guide our company as the Pay Per Click Marketing Director and we couldn’t be happier to have him join the team! Luke is a PPC wizard but much more importantly we feel he truly reflects the culture of our company — Luke works hard, plays hard and seems to be genuinely committed to touching the lives of those he associates with in a positive way.

You could say he is a regular member of Team Tebow (just kidding Luke I am a sucker for Tebow too but that is a pretty good picture!). Luke is originally from Colorado, and is actually a big Broncos fan, an Eagle Scout, Google AdWords Certified, married to a lovely lady and has one little boy! In addition to all that great stuff, Luke is a BYU-Idaho graduate, the former President of Get Found First and one mean tennis player!

So, if you are looking for top-notch pay per click management, inspiration from above or just a great tennis partner, Luke’s definitely your guy. We hope you will be able to find him between 9-5 at a Dream Systems Media office in Lehi, Utah for a long, long time to come!

DSM looking forward to Pubcon Hawaii


Pubcon Hawaii Dream Systems Media Shirts
Pubcon Hawaii Dream Systems Media Shirts

Pubcon Hawaii 2012 is just around the corner, and I am looking forward to attending, speaking and modering. Pubcon is, and always has been one of my favorite conferences throughout the year.  The entire Dream Systems Media crew will be on the Island enjoying the conference and networking.

We have already been passing around DSM Pubcon Hawaii Tee’s … so if you were lucky enough to get one :-) we’d love to have you post pictures of them here (just comment with where I can find them and I will get them added).  I am going to have extras at the conference, so just find me and let me know you want one!   I am really looking forward to seeing all my old industry buds, and meeting and making new ones.

What I will be speaking/moderating:

  • Convergence of Social Media and Search Speakers; Rebecca Murtagh,  Matt Siltala,  Sarah Carling (and Carolyn Shelby will be the moderator for this session)  – I am lucky to be on this panel with 3 lovely ladies and industry pros.  For this session I will be taking a deep look at social signals & factors, and thanks to the fellas at Authority Labs, (for helping me with) a pretty extensive case study on the subject.  There will be some amazing data for everyone to enjoy and digest!  I can’t wait to share it!
  • Link Building & Link Baiting for TourismSpeakers; Mark BarreraMichael Bonfils with myself moderating the panel.  Link building can be done organically and strategically. This session covers the latest tactics used by top link builders to increase the popularity of a website with quality and relevant inbound links. Check out the latest tools and easy backlinks that count.

See Matt Siltala Speak At Pubcon
Please let me know if you are gonna be at the conference, or come up to me and say hi while there.  Hawaii is going to be EPIC & I am so looking forward to it!

Facebook’s New Layout Changes Ad Space

Facebook’s new timeline layout changes the ad space as follows:

Old Facebook Profile Ads

Old Facebook Profile Layout

New Slimmer Facebook Profile Ads

New Timeline Layout

 Compare the Same Facebook Ad Side by Side

239 x 117
128 x 168

Differences in Facebook Ads

While the ad sizes are not exact, the widths are fairly accurate. The new ad is slimmer, at about 128 pixels. The image sizes remain the same at 110 x 80 pixels. The background color has changed from white to the light blue. The number of ads on a traditional page range from 1 to 6. The number of ads on the new facebook timeline layout is 2 or 3 depending on your screen size. Yes, the ads display in conjunction with your screen size, pretty high tech programing there. One of the biggest differences between the two sets is that the new layout keeps the ads on page as you scroll down the page. The old set up will actually scroll the ads off the screen. Very subtle differences, but I am sure someone somewhere at Facebook is monitoring revenues based on the layouts. Curious internet marketers would like to know what that difference is. Facebook marketers want to know how this could effect their ads.



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