$50 Of Free Clicks In Free Facebook Ads

$50 Of Free Clicks In Free Facebook Ads

50$ In Free Facebook Ads
50$ In Free Facebook Ads

If you have been thinking about giving the Facebook Ads a try, now is your perfect opportunity because I am giving you a chance to win $50 bucks in free clicks – (I am gonna keep this simple too) all you gotta do is comment and let me know why you wanna try out the Facebook Ads program – and I’ll pick one of you to give it to.  I will just email, or DM the code to the winner on Monday March 30th, and you can have all $50 bucks of free clicks.  Keep in mind that this is only good for users that are new to the Facebook Advertising program.

WHY am I doing this?

I already have an account, and got this card while I was at SMX West 2009.  I actually just found it in the bag you get (almost tossed it) and am not going to use it, so I decided to give it away so it can be put to use.  It expires June 30th of this year, so if you win it – use it fast!

If I choose you, you will have to come back to this post (not a requirement) and let me know if the ads did anything for you and what you learned while using the $50 bucks!   You can even follow me on Twitter for good measure, but that’s not required either!  I look forward to the comments!

Good Luck!

PS – Let this be a reminder to those of you who got bags at SMX West 2009 that you got a free card with $50 bucks in free FB Ads – unless I was the only one???

PPS – You can even leave a comment as to why you wouldn’t want this too?  I would love to hear all reasons!

UPDATE: We have a winner!  Congrats to Missy for being the winner of the free ads!  I appreciate all who commented!

  • Hi, Mat:

    Nice of you to offer this freebie. I have been meaning to try Facebook Ads for some time, but have never gotten around to it.

    Would love to try the system out and see what (if anything) i can learn from it. Maybe i will set up a landing page on my veg blog for vegetarian hoes or books or something. Not sure yet. But as i said would love to try it.

    Good luck to all who comment!


  • Oops (typo) meant to write “shoes” not hoes. LoL.

  • @Missy
    haha – so noted … but funny enough I didn’t want to edit out!! Thanks for being the first to comment!

  • When I see those ads, I do so with stars in my eyes (or tears because of some them make me laugh till I cry!)…never thought it was something I could afford to do. Would love to try it on their dime to see what kind of response I get! Interesting indeed.

  • @Nicole
    I can’t help but think (and LMAO) of the big boobed woman with the make money with “G OO gle” I know you know which one I am talking about!!! LOL

  • Mat, I only got a chance to attend one of your Prosper classes on SEO and reviewed it couple of times since. It was one of the best seminars I’ve attended. We miss you!

  • @Kids Activities
    That’s nice of you to say! Thanks! Are you just stopping by saying hi, or are you interested in the free clicks too? Let me know and thanks again I appreciate your kind words!

  • Very cool of you to give this away. I am just starting a business so I can get my wife out of the crappy job that she has so she can stay at home with the kids like we both want. I don’t know if the ad clicks would help my business grow, but would love to give it a try. Thanks for the offer.

  • Would be interested to see if my server could handle all that traffic, and retention rate. I never mentioned this but the Flash on the top of the site is pretty freaking cool, who did it?

  • @Ryan Tinsley
    Glad to help and good luck! I appreciate you stopping by and commenting for this!

  • @Jordan Garn
    If you are thinking about getting into iPhone Apps then you better get a new server bro!

  • Mat, I only got a chance to attend one of your Prosper classes on SEO and reviewed it couple of times since. It was one of the best seminars I’ve attended. We miss you!

    @Mat Siltala
    Mat, I wanted to say hello and how much your teachings are missed at Prosper. Since I started my business with virtually no budged the $50 in free clicks would be helpful as well.

  • @Kids Activities
    Great! Got you on the list now! Thanks and I appreciate your kind words!