“Ads related to” New Google Ad Space Text

“Ads related to” New Google Ad Space Text

Google tweaking their Ads section once again:

Google is testing new text above their sponsored ads. The search terms are now placed in the ad area. The above is a screen shot of Google’s yellow ad section above the organics. Highlighted is the text with the search terms Fountain Hills pest control. Previous versions have included simple text like “ads” or “sponsors”. This is the first time Google has included the search term.

Previous Versions:

Google Ads and Conversion Rate Optimization

They have tested a few different things in their ad space. Above is an image when Google used the pinkish background for ads, they also included the little triangle, and the title “Sponsored Links”.

Above is Google testing pulling the Ad description from the page the ad points to. Note yellow background and text that calls the section “Ad”.

Today’s Version:

Do you Think the text encourages more Ad Clicks?