Andrew Melchior

Founder & Vice President

Andrew Melchior has earned a reputation as a diverse online marketer. After completing his degree in business administration from the University of Utah he quickly learned that his path was not that of a traditional career, but rather that of an entrepreneur.

For more than ten years he’s been working around the clock in the industry as the co-founder of Avalaunch Media in 2012, co-founder of Dream Systems Media in 2005 and ecommerce business owner since 2000. Andrew has worked with hundreds of business owners as a consultant and mentor, and his clientele includes companies such as ADP, Mvelopes, iTOK, ESRB, Build Direct, and BlackFriday.com.

Andrew’s professional drive continues to grow as he sees a client reach their goals as a result of Avalaunch Media’s services. He enjoys sharing his passion for the online industry and has been a featured speaker at business conferences including SMX, Dreamforce, Digital Summit, Utah Profit Symposium, and Local First Arizona. Andrew is also the author of Fast Cash On The Internet, published by Nightingale-Conant.

Andrew is just as passionate about his personal life as he is about his professional life. In his younger days, Andrew rocked a mullet for nearly ten years and is known to slay karaoke mics loudly and often. As a Utah native and outdoor enthusiast, when not beckoned by his family or business duties, you’ll find Andrew blazing trails on his moto or mountain bike.