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  • Getting Quality Backlinks with Press Releases

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    Jul 31 2009

    My approach to press releases is different than traditional PR. Most of the press releases I write are less about getting press coverage for my news, and more about getting quality backlinks to my site. However, it is possible to do both. It starts with a good story and added to that, online distribution. Many people believe it’s enough to blog about their news. For some high traffic blogs (thought leaders) this might be true. […]

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  • Getting Shut Out of Twitter, A Story of Saving Tweets


    Jul 22 2009

    My good friend, and fellow blogger on Dream Systems Media, Janet Meiners (aka Newspapergrl) had an interesting experience getting suspended on Twitter a few months back, and I want to take the time to talk about her experience and share how people can now, never have to worry about this happening to them. Here is Janet’s story: I twitter every day and have been building a network there for over a year. First it was […]

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  • 5 Ways to Find the Social Media Elite


    Jul 13 2009

    If you’re like me you like watching and learning from the best. I love being a part of social media campaigns and reading about the successes. I want to know what companies are doing innovative work and what works. I love what Sharpie has done in social media. When I was new to social media or any form of internet marketing I craved having a mentor. The best part of social media is the visiblity […]

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  • Helping The Unbelievers, Believe – In Twitter That Is


    Jul 09 2009

    I had an amazing meeting this afternoon with 3 of the coolest guys you would ever be so lucky to meet. These guys are clients of mine, who wanted to discuss Twitter as well as the best ways to leverage its power. Everyone of these guys (up to this point) were WAY TOO COOL to use (or be found dead on) Twitter. By the end of the 2 hour meeting (which really did FLY by) […]

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  • Facebook Tips: Events Simplified


    Jul 08 2009

    Today Facebook made a simple change to make it easier to create a new event directly from your wall (on your Facebook Page or profile). It’s simple. Just click the calendar icon and fill in the details. After you’ve posted it then you’ll see a link to invite people to your event. Remember that an event could be you came out with a new product, you opened a new store, etc. You can promote more […]

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