September, 2009 Archive

  • Are You Causing Your Own Reputation Problems?

    Reputation Management  

    Sep 30 2009

    It’s no secret, I love Yelp, and have been an active Yelper since April of 2008.  I was reading a discussion on my local Yelp thread today about about a business going in and creating 9 different profiles, and submitting the same company (a computer repair service company – my guess was his) a 5 star review on each one.  I get it, you want to try and game the system, figure out how to […]

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  • Getting Confused On All These Social Media Sites?

    Social Marketing  

    Sep 26 2009

    Here is a question I received yesterday that I felt would make a good social marketing post (because I have been asked numerous times before). I get confused on the social media sites like, Facebook, Twitter, even Skidoo etc. Should I be setting up a profile under my name to follow me specifically or setting up something that tells people to follow my website? Here are my thoughts:  My answer depends on the specific network, […]

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  • DailyBooth Contest With My Friends Over At Marketing Pilgrim

    Matt Siltala  

    Sep 25 2009

    I have a lot of respect for Andy Beal, (Marketing Pilgrim and Trackur) and we have become good friends over the years of knowing each other and speaking at/attending conferences.  Lately I have been playing around (ok, its my new obsession) with DailyBooth, sort of like a Twitter updates, but with picture updates and snapshots of your daily life. Andy has been following me on DailyBooth because I tend to make some funny faces and […]

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  • 25 Ways to Get your New Blog Indexed in Search Engines


    Sep 24 2009

    In case you didn’t see it, Problogger‘s blog had a post about how to a new blog indexed in search engines like Google. I recommend this even for established blogs. Simply create a “to do” list and work on adding your blog to each site. Or, hire someone to do this for you (see the end for my recommendation). 25 Ways to Get a Web Site or Blog Indexed by Google or Search Engines Get […]

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  • LinkedIn Company Profile Page


    Sep 23 2009

    Have you created your LinkedIn company profile page yet?  I like how they let you choose your own domain, helps with gaining an additional ranking for your companies name (rep. man 101 folks) For example, take a look at our companies URL: http://www.linkedin.com/companies/dream-systems-media Its pretty easy to get started, check out the video tutorial to get started: ** Note, this is my first ever video attempt, and I made it at 3 AM (cause I […]

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  • $70k in New Business from one Press Release?

    Branding Business Link Building Social Marketing  

    Sep 21 2009

    I had a dream conversation with a new client today. I often don’t hear the results of my client’s success or lack thereof. To be honest I didn’t expect this one. The business owner lives out of the country. When we announced programming classes he held in the US. I knew that he didn’t get a lot of response. I wrote a press release and even though no one came to the classes, people found […]

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  • What Exactly Do I Do All Day? (Pic According To My Daugher)

    Matt Siltala  

    Sep 20 2009

    My daughter drew this picture today, and when I asked her what it was; she told me: “It’s what you do all day, don’t you know that?”  Point taken!  I just think its funny how she has my companies (Dream Systems Media) Logo included, and my picture (like on profile sites)  Its funny, cause its pretty good drawing of what I am doing most everyday.  Love how she included the GOATIE too!!!  When I asked […]

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  • Are You A Rattlesnake Neighbor?

    Social Marketing  

    Sep 09 2009

    I was thinking about my old town (which happens to be owned by the Government now – seriously no kidding, look at the picture) and some of the neighbors I grew up next to. The reason I started thinking about this is because I was trying to compare it to what kind of a neighbor I am in life, and especially online.  It begs the question: What kind of a neighbor are you? I had […]

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