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  • Using Facebook Lookalike Audience Targeting To Increase Ad Reach

    Using Facebook Lookalike Audience Targeting To Increase Ad Reach

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    Jan 27 2014

    For months you’ve been running Facebook ads and may be feeling like you’ve exhausted every targeting option Facebook offers. You have used the various targeting options by uploading custom audience lists, inserting precise interests, selecting broad categories and targeting fans or friends of friends through advanced connection targeting. Even after all of these targeting options you are looking for different ways to boost volume. Is this the case? Well here is a helpful solution. Facebook […]

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  • Interview of Pest Control Guy by SEOinHouse

    Interview of Pest Control Guy by SEOinHouse

    Business Search Marketing  

    Apr 09 2013

    Jessica Bowman of SeoInHouse.com sent this series of questions to Thomas Ballantyne of Bulwark Exterminating prior to an attempted interview online. The interwebs did not align that day, the recording failed. Not able to find time to do it again Thomas asked Jessica’s permission to take her questions and answer them by blog. Here is the virtual interview conducted by Jessica Bowman and the Pest Control Guy. Imagine…. Its 8am, Monday morning and you arrive […]

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  • How to Work Your Way Out of Corporate America Hell

    Business Entrepreneur  

    Dec 08 2011

    Yes, this is a post targeted directly at some of my closest friends who are still tied down by the chains of Corporate America. I probably don’t speak to them often enough; it’s not because I don’t like them, it’s simply because each time we meet and begin talking, the conversation turns negative nine times out of ten. Why is this you might ask?   I personally don’t think I’m a negative guy. In fact, […]

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  • 7 Life-Changing Productivity Tips That Lead to Business Success

    Business Entrepreneur  

    Oct 25 2011

    In an effort to “practice what I preach”, I was stumbling for ideas last night and came upon one that really hit home. I’m coming on my one year anniversary of self-employment (November 1st); I’ve learned a lot about myself, my motivation, and mostly about areas where I can improve. Productivity is “the state of being productive”. (in case you weren’t sure) One of the things I’ve learned as a self-employed entrepreneur is that there […]

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  • Do You Have (or are you) a SHI@#Y Manager?

    Business Rants  

    Sep 19 2011

    Management is all about connecting with the people on your team. So how do you effectively manage a team? With common knowledge, of course. How many of you wish you could paste this statement 1,000+ times on your manager’s door/desk/forehead? Or maybe you’ve been a manager and wish you would have read this BEFORE you were an A$% to your employees… Before I share a list of some tips for managers, let me say this: […]

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  • How Important is Reading a BOOK to an SEO Firm?

    Business SEO  

    Sep 07 2011

    I’m back! Yes, it’s been too long since I blogged at DSM, and I’m honest when I say “I’ve missed it…” I’m re-motivated to share ideas, ask questions, and even call people (and companies) out on their online business stupidity. I’ll start, though, with a sincere SEO question: Is reading a BOOK really helpful to an SEO Firm (or freelancer or wanna be)? To make sure I’ve clarified – a BOOK is just that: paper […]

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  • VIDEO: Can a Non-Techie Person Really Succeed with an Online Business?

    Business Entrepreneur  

    Jun 03 2011

    Well, can you? Do you really have to be a computer wiz to be successful with an online business? I speak from first hand experience – you DON’T have to be a born “brainiack” or a computer programmer to run a successful online business. To give you some inspiration before I tell you how to get the ball rolling, check out this “motivational speech” from a 5 year old: “Everybody, I know you can believe […]

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  • The Only Part of HR I Like Is…


    May 17 2011

    Hmm….I’m still trying to think of an appropriate answer for the title of this post. I guess in the world of entrepreneurs, ANYTHING is appropriate from an HR standpoint. HR Questions: What is the purpose of HR? What does it actually stand for? Do HR people really have to be so anal retentive? In my world these days the only HR I really like to see is when it’s a stat next to a New […]

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  • Why Business Plans Suck for an Online Business

    Business Entrepreneur  

    Mar 31 2011

    A month ago I was in Arizona where I got a sun burn from swimming in the pool without wearing sunscreen. Just last week I was looking outside and watching the snow glisten off the top of our fence. Tomorrow, it will probably be 70 degrees outside. My question to you: Have you ever actually changed travel plans or family activities based on what happened with the stupid Ground Hog? I sure hope not! I’ve […]

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  • $70k in New Business from one Press Release?

    Branding Business Link Building Social Marketing  

    Sep 21 2009

    I had a dream conversation with a new client today. I often don’t hear the results of my client’s success or lack thereof. To be honest I didn’t expect this one. The business owner lives out of the country. When we announced programming classes he held in the US. I knew that he didn’t get a lot of response. I wrote a press release and even though no one came to the classes, people found […]

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