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  • Growing Your Brand With Pinterest – My SearchFest 2013 Presentation

    Growing Your Brand With Pinterest – My SearchFest 2013 Presentation

    Infographic Marketing Pinterest Social Marketing Social Media Speaking  

    Feb 27 2013

    First of all, SearchFest 2013 was an amazing event.  If you have never been to one, (this was my first) I HIGHLY recommend going.  The venue was fantastic and the content was even better.  I have never been to Portland before, and it what a great town it was!  I even got to try some famous (or infamous) Voodoo Doughnuts!  Props to David Mihm for having me there.  I hope to go back again and […]

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  • 7 Ways to Get an Endless Stream of Infographic Ideas

    7 Ways to Get an Endless Stream of Infographic Ideas

    Social Marketing Social Media Viral Marketing  

    Jan 31 2013

    Here at Avalaunch we all have to be creative ideas machines, because every day we come up with ideas for our clients. It’s the perfect position for idea people like me. Our ideas are what sell our work, make us stand out and eventually end up as infographics that get blogged about, linked to and shared. An infographic has to illustrate and illuminate or inform on a topic using images combined with text. To me, […]

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  • Facebook Antics and Your First Amendment Rights

    Facebook Antics and Your First Amendment Rights

    Legal Social Media  

    Dec 03 2012

    Well, look who became one of the internet’s most-hated women. I introduce to you Lindsey Stone of Plymouth, MA, who thought it would be gut-busting hilarious to be “loud and disrespectful” in one of the nation’s most hallowed ground, The Arlington Cemetery. After taking this fine photo, she decided to post it on Facebook at the beginning of November for all the world to see because, hey, isn’t mocking dead soldiers funny? “Whoa whoa whoa…wait,” […]

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  • Facebook Gives the FTC an Earful on Privacy

    Facebook Gives the FTC an Earful on Privacy

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    Oct 03 2012

    Privacy issues are all the rage lately when it comes to social media use on both a personal and professional level. Yet another issue has reared its head against Facebook. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently published a notice to seek public comments on proposed modifications to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (aka the “COPPA” Rule). For the past year or so the FTC has been leaning towards creating rules that further protect children from […]

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  • Pinterest Image Optimization Infographic

    Social Media  

    Mar 27 2012

    We at Dream Systems Media just finished up an infographic on Pinterest Image Optimization for our friends over at Pinnable Business that was featured on Mashable today.  The graphic is a great reference for those looking for how to integrate Pinterest into their social marketing strategy. We loved being involved in this project, because we love creating infographics!  Check out the full Pinterest Image Optimization graphic by clicking the link & learn more about Pinterest […]

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  • Negative Social Media Comes Back to Bite Pastor Robert Jeffress

    Facebook Social Media  

    Oct 11 2011

    UPDATE: Is Perry taking our advice about social media when a conversation turns negative? Doesn’t really look like it. Here’s what he had to say today: While Perry has largely avoided questions on the subject, he told reporters in Iowa on Friday he does not consider Mormonism a cult. And his campaign released a statement Tuesday in response to Romney’s comments vowing Perry would keep his focus on jobs and the economy. “Mitt Romney’s comments […]

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  • 16 of the Stupidest Job Titles for a Social Media Specialist

    Social Media  

    Sep 12 2011

    Hey psycho traditional marketers, Social Media is here to stay. In fact, in my opinion, if your business doesn’t have a blog and isn’t practicing social media on a fairly consistent basis, you’re going to be passed up in SERPs and in market share by some of the younger generation marketers that “get it”. I read a great post recently that talked all about the job opportunities out there in social media. The funny thing […]

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  • Old School Ads That Wouldn’t Fly Today

    Social Media  

    Jun 16 2011

    We have talked about all kinds of Marketing Channels here at Avalaunch Media, and at one point in time, these ads had their 15 minutes.  Social standards have done their fair share of evolving across the years and in many cases, what use to be widely acceptable in the mainstream, is now deemed taboo. With this social-shift in mind, we’ve decided to highlight some old school advertisements in the gallery below that are definitive proof […]

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  • SURVEY: How Did You Hear about Bin Laden's Death?

    Social Media  

    May 02 2011

    Facebook has been toying with the “Facebook Questions” function for quite some time. I didn’t realize it wasn’t available to everyone until I recommended that a client use it to better define their target audience – come to find out it was nowhere to be found on their Facebook account. I’m pretty sure that the Questions function is now available to everyone, and my recommendation is USE IT – especially for business interaction. As most […]

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  • My Restoration Industry Association Webinar on Social Media

    Social Media  

    Jun 23 2010

    I had the opportunity to conduct a training webinar on Social Media this morning to the Restoration Industry Association, and for those who attended and are looking for the slides, here ya go:  It was an awesome group and a fun presentation.  Thanks for the opportunity! Social Media RIA Webinar View more presentations from Dream Systems Media.

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