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  • How Avalaunch Gives Back with Branding and Marketing Content

    How Avalaunch Gives Back with Branding and Marketing Content

    Branding Marketing Web Design  

    Jul 03 2014

    Here at Avalaunch Media we value the principle of giving back and championing good causes. We recently started a new initiative. Every year employees present a cause that is meaningful to them and how Avalaunch might be able to help out. Then our team votes on the charity or organization. Once we select someone, we work with them to plan a branding and marketing strategy. Our first big project was Paws vs. Claws – which was a social media […]

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  • 10 Tips to Save Everyone Time & Money with Web Design

    Web Design  

    Oct 07 2011

    I’ve worked with website design clients now for over six years. I’ve had some great partnerships and what I consider a lot of success. However, from time to time I get reminded, usually the hard way, about simple details that can make or break a deal. This post won’t be long but is a heads up to all website design firms (or wanna-be’s) and also to all clients looking to have a custom website built. […]

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  • Branding Your Website Made Simple

    Branding Web Design  

    Jan 15 2009

    When building a new website, or rebuilding an old website, you’ll want to try and establish your brand so that you can be identified as unique in your market.  Doing this is not always easy, and depending on your market it can be very difficult.  Whenever I’m involved in a build or brand project I try to follow these points below to help me along the way to hopefully building a great brand that can […]

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  • Drupal, WordPress, and Open Source…Oh My?

    General Web Design  

    Jan 12 2009

    If you have ever owned your own website or blog, been in charge of development for a company, or programmed in dev for a company, I’m sure you have spent and currently spend a lot of time dealing with the questions of, what’s the best platform to build X website, blog, or feature on? I know I have spend many a hour in a room with my teams trying to decide the answer to that […]

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  • 5 Changes You Need To Make To Your Site For The New Year

    Web Design  

    Jan 02 2009

    Just a friendly reminder for those who run businesses online – Go and make sure all of your information is up to date and current on your website.  One of my biggest pet peeves and reasons I will move onto the next site, is when I see something out of date on a site.  (By the way – all of the changes that need to be made on my sites are in the works)  You […]

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  • 5 Tips For A Better Converting Web Site

    Web Design  

    Dec 09 2008

    Today is a guest post: I was able to nail him down, and interview web developer Doug Justice, who runs a Gilbert Web Design company here in Arizona.  I appreciate Doug taking the time to answer some questions about making a web site convert better.  I have been getting lots of web design and conversion questions lately and I wanted to get answers from IMO, one of the best in the web development industry. Our […]

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