• Our David Mink Has Been SMX Advanced Bannerized

    David Mink  

    May 13 2009

    I just had to take a snapshot of this picture and share it because I thought it was cool. Our very own David Mink‘s likeness is being used on the banners pitching SMX Advanced next month in Seattle. I have seen the banners for a while now, but it only hit me today that the guy in the snapshot was David! I think that’s pretty cool! This picture was taken at SMX West 2009 (which Dave and I spoke at), and I am pretty sure that another one of DSM’s crew took the picture.   Greg Lindblom in fact (lostbro1 on Twitter) was the guy responsible for the picture and apparently SMX took the image off my Flickr feed. So the question is, where is the credit/link love for Greg? I guess this will have to do! Nice picture Greg! Now only if we were actually speaking at SMX advanced … haha

    Our Own David Mink on SMX Advanced Banners

    Our Own David Mink on SMX Advanced Banners

    • http://www.twitter.com/lostbro1 Greg Lindblom

      I thought that pic looked a little familiar…Lol…that is freakin cool! Dave was just too dang handsome for them to resist. At least I got a little link love and credit from you Mat :) thanx bro

    • http://www.dreamsystemsmedia.com/mat-siltala.aspx Mat Siltala

      @Greg Lindblom
      NP Greg! Glad I could help! haha