• Adwords Needs More Security, Much More!

    Adwords Needs More Security, Much More!

    Adwords Luke Alley PPC  

    Nov 12 2013

    *note, I’m completely joking* I have beef with Adwords. Not grass fed beef which is dang good. But beef that I could possibly give the wrong person access to my account! Right now, when I grant someone access to my account/MCC I have to get to do this: Navigate to the Account Access tab Click on +Users Type their email in Type their name in Choose the Access level Send them the invite… Then they […]

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  • PPC Takeaways From Pubcon

    PPC Takeaways From Pubcon


    Nov 06 2013

    Besides the “Awesome” yeti shirts and amazing buffets there was much to takeaway from this years Pubcon conference. I was fortunate to attend and represent Utah PPC. Many of the industry leaders in PPC attended. They shared their tips and tricks to help us master Adwords and take accounts to the next level. There were plenty of interesting speakers. Among them were; David Szetela, John Ellis and Kevin Lee. Many of these speakers had several […]

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  • Best of PubCon for PR Pros

    Best of PubCon for PR Pros

    Content Marketing Janet Thaeler Link Building Marketing Matt Siltala Outreach Pinterest Pubcon SEO Social Marketing Social Media Speaking Twitter  

    Oct 25 2013

    This was my first year at PubCon (an internet marketing and social media conference), though several of our team are regular speakers. Matt Siltala is a bit of a PubCon celeb (he’s famous for his beard and seo/social street cred). Here’s the team in Vegas. I went to most of the PR-related sessions, most of which were exceptional from both a PR and an SEO/social perspective. Here are my best tips from the top sessions […]

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  • 5 Simple Ways To Build Trust With Your PPC Clients

    5 Simple Ways To Build Trust With Your PPC Clients


    Oct 22 2013

    1) Setting Client Expectations: From day one it is critical to give the client a layout or plan of exactly what needs to happen to create a profitable and successful PPC account. Most of our clients are interested PPC lead gen so we make sure they are well informed of the steps needed to ensure a profitable campaign. “My campaigns have been running for two days, I’ve spent $150 bucks, why am I not getting […]

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  • Optimizing Keywords on the Display Network: Pro Tips from the PPC Jedi

    Optimizing Keywords on the Display Network: Pro Tips from the PPC Jedi

    Greg Young PPC Search Marketing  

    Oct 15 2013

    Keyword targeting on the Google Display Network (GDN) continues to change year over year. To run a successful GDN campaign you’ll need to fully understand how keywords function on the display network. This post will give you advice on best practices and functionality tips to get the best performance from your keyword targeted GDN campaigns. Understanding Google’s Contextual Engine Google Display Network keywords are a form of contextual targeting.  Lets make sure we understand contextual […]

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  • Why PPC is a CFO’s Best Friend, Even in Lead-Gen

    Why PPC is a CFO’s Best Friend, Even in Lead-Gen

    Luke Alley Marketing PPC  

    Sep 30 2013

    Marketing impact is difficult to measure. No, it’s not, if you’re in digital marketing where nearly everything is tracked, measured, and optimized. However, that mantra is oft repeated to this day. Most recently an article (http://linkd.in/14Yrg5k) on LinkedIn was the latest to argue this. One line stood out: 3) Marketing Impact is often hard to measure. Marketing is more art than science. It’s hard to know whether all those millions of dollars spent have led […]

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  • How to Search Old Tweets and Find Influencers with Topsy

    How to Search Old Tweets and Find Influencers with Topsy


    Sep 05 2013

    Have you ever needed to find an old tweet? It’s nearly impossible. Twitter search doesn’t go back more than a few weeks and most social media tools only show recent tweets. Today, Topsy saved marketers everywhere by introducing what Twitter promised to release but hasn’t – the ability to search the entire history of tweets. If you’re running a contest on Twitter there wasn’t a reliable way to see all of the entries. Additionally, it was […]

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  • The Ultimate Tribute to Bacon

    The Ultimate Tribute to Bacon


    Aug 31 2013

    Today is International Bacon Day. What does bacon have to do with online marketing and social media? Well, besides loving cute animals, the internet loves bacon. So do geeks. Here’s our ode to the unhealthy yet tasty treat. A big pile of delicious bacon    An entire Pinterest board dedicated to bacon and it includes bacon deodorant: http://pinterest.com/eventsforgood/the-ultimate-bacon-board A car wrapped in bacon You can buy a Ford Fiesta wrapped in bacon. Bacon pancakes Where bacon […]

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  • 13 Inspiring Business Books Marketing Pros are Reading

    13 Inspiring Business Books Marketing Pros are Reading

    Sales and Marketing Social Marketing  

    Aug 22 2013

    The kind of people who work at Avalaunch Media are people who want to constantly improve their game. We also want to follow this advice from Forbes about reading books that sounds a little like a fortune cookie message: “Make sure to read a book a month (fiction or non-fiction) and your career will blossom.” We asked everyone on staff to come up with business books they want to read this year as a team. If […]

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  • Facebook Embedded Posts – a How to

    Blogging Facebook  

    Aug 21 2013

    Facebook announced today that anyone can embed a Facebook post onto their website or blog. You can embed any post, even from other pages, but the post must be public for it to work. You’ll know it’s public if it has a small world icon at the top of the post. Why would you want to embed a Facebook post? Here are 5 reasons. Social proof. When you embed a Facebook post, it brings along with […]

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