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  • Who Does Local Search Best?

    Local Marketing  

    May 13 2009

    I got distracted today and the result of that distraction is this post. I was curious about something dealing with local search and the SERPs – so I decided to do a little comparison. The four major search engines I compared are Google, Yahoo, MSN and ASK. I wanted to find out how their specific local programs compared to one another when searching for non geo-targeted terms? I wondered if I would get any usable […]

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  • No Longer Can A Business Run Without A Website


    Mar 10 2009

    I am ready for the onslaught of examples that I am sure people are going to be throwing in my face; I’m ready for it and I still won’t agree! I do say this with all sincerity though; if you are an offline business-owner and don’t have a website, you are not only missing the boat, but could be sinking it! In today’s economy every customer counts. You want to make sure and do everything […]

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