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  • Jury reaches verdict in "cyberbullying" case

    David Mink Legal  

    Nov 28 2008

    A few days ago I wrote a post about the US v. Drew case. That case has now been concluded (for the time being) with the jury finding Drew guilty of guilty of three misdemeanor offenses of accessing computers without authorization. Each offense is punishable by up to one year in jail and up to $100,000.00 fine. Although this case leaves many legal questions in the air, I agree with New York lawyer, Nick Akerman, […]

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  • What does the US v. Drew case mean for social media marketers?

    David Mink Legal Social Media  

    Nov 21 2008

    If you have not yet heard anything about the seriously tragic US v. Drew case, it may be difficult to answer this question. Here is a short recap of the facts in the case: Lori Drew is a mother accused of helping to create and use a fake MySpace account (of a 16 year old “stud” named “Josh”) to torment a female teen who later committed suicide. Drew allegedly considered the plan a clever and […]

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