Common Sense Tips For Adding Value To A Conversation

Common Sense Tips For Adding Value To A Conversation

In a presentation I was giving today, I got asked the following question about commenting on blogs:

“How do you keep blog comments from being considered as spam?”

For me its simple:  Figure out a way to add value to the conversation. You don’t always have to agree with the peoples points in which you are leaving comment on, and most of the time disagreeing gets the best discussions going.  Even if you think it was a GREAT ARTICLE, or you think they have a NICE SITE … don’t just leave the comment: “great article” or “nice site” and then link to your site.  You will get the BIG ASS delete button every time! I am even willing to overlook someone dropping keyword links into the name field if they have left, or added something of value to the conversation.  Tell me WHY it was a great article, or tell me exactly HOW it helped you out.

Here are some easy (I think) to understand tips for adding value to a conversation on a blog post, as well as ways to NOT look like comment spam:

  1. Don’t just comment for link building purposes.
  2. Don’t comment just because you think you will get “traffic” from the site.
  3. Add value to the conversation by sharing YOUR thoughts an opinions of the subject.
  4. Don’t just drop keyword links in your name.
  5. Use your real name.
  6. Make sure and READ the post (the entire post) and UNDERSTAND it BEFORE commenting.
  7. You don’t always have to agree.
  8. Read all the comments, get a feel for the direction and reply to other commenters as well.
  9. Be yourself.
  10. If you are going to drop a link, drop a relevant link that (again) adds to the conversation.
  11. GO get a damn Gravtar already!

There, that was a long winded answer, but hopefully that answers the question to the person who asked it, as well as gives some others out there who may have needed some help on the matter!  The sad thing though, is as I write this – I know some of you smarties out there are going to leave the comment: “nice article” Just don’t expect your comment to show up!