Creating a New Age Digital PR Strategy

Creating a New Age Digital PR Strategy

Today’s technology is more advanced than at any time in history. We have self-

starting cars, smart phones, and innovative medicine to cure more and more

diseases. Our world runs off of technology and numbers, but what does that mean

for the public relations industry? Are the traditional methods outdated and useless?

Has social media doomed the basic guidelines?


At Avalaunch Media, we don’t think so. We believe that social media has allowed the

traditional methods and guidelines to flourish. Social media hasn’t replaced public

relations; it’s provided a new set of tools. PR professionals have been kicking around

a new PR strategy the past few years: a term called social listening. But social

listening isn’t just a term—it’s a very shiny, effective tool.


At its essence, social listening tells you what others are saying about your

company—or in some cases—what they aren’t saying. Think of social listening as a

compass: It’s there to guide you in the right direction, setting the groundwork for

the next steps of your digital strategy. Here are five elements of social listening to

incorporate into your strategy.


1. Find the story behind the brand. People don’t invest in products—they

invest in people. Customers want to feel connected to the brands they

interact with. Your branding and core messaging needs to be vibrant and

true to create a sense of trust, leading customers to your brand.

2. Look at it from a search engine optimization standpoint. You can have

the world’s greatest content and graphics, but if no one can find them, they’re

useless. Put in the extra effort to promote keywords and other SEO best

practices to make sure your story gets told.

3. Use social media platforms to your advantage. Social listening is a great

start, but your interaction shouldn’t stop there. Engage your customers on

multiple platforms, ensuring your product and brand are seen by as many

people as possible. This will give you real-time feedback from those who

matter most: your customers.

4. Include relevant, unique visuals. Content is very important, but you don’t

want to bore your audience. Visuals can help break up text and communicate

your message in a different format. According to 2016 Forbes article, one

minute of video is more powerful than 1.8 million words, and it doesn’t just

stop at videos: 84% of communication will be visual by 2018. It’s worth

investing in now.

5. Don’t forget about press releases. Press releases are still a very important

part of any PR strategy. They help your company stay in the news with

relevant and fresh information. However, beware of posting too many:

Google will penalize companies with press release overloads.


Social media has changed the way everyone lives. It’s changed the way we think and

communicate—so it’s only natural that it’s changed the way we create strategies.