Every restaurant needs a powerful Twitter and Facebook account

Every restaurant needs a powerful Twitter and Facebook account

How many of you eat out for lunch at least twice a week? How do you choose the location? Do you base your choice off of the daily special, how much money you have in your pocket, or what?

Wouldn’t it be sooo much easier if you could just log into Twitter 10 minutes before you left the office and receive a quick update as to what the daily special was? How much more likely would you be to visit the restaurant if there was also a special “Twitter coupon” available from your favorite local restaurant?

Here is my vision:

1. Every restaurant that has a “meal card” includes their Twitter and Facebook urls on the card.

2. Every restaurant instructs their patrons to sign up via Twitter and Facebook for daily menu updates and daily coupons.

3. Every restaurant posts their daily special and accompanying coupon at 10:30 am via Twitter and Facebook.

4. Every day the restaurant sees an influction of 20-50 patrons who would not have come otherwise, but were reminded/persuaded/convinced via a simple Facebook update or Tweet.

So, let’s help each other make a better world. If you are a marketer, with a restaurant client, please ask them to institute my vision immediately (sure, you can take credit for the idea). Hopefully, in about 6 months we will all be making better restaurant choices and saving a few dollars every day!