Exclusive look at Raven’s newly redesigned Social tools

Exclusive look at Raven’s newly redesigned Social tools

Fellow cat meme lover, Jon Henshaw, recently informed me of some big news coming out of Raven. If you’re not familiar with Raven, they’re an online marketing platform used by agencies and SMBs to manage and report on their SEO, Social Media, Content and PPC campaigns.

Jon said in early August they’ll be launching a major redesign of their entire platform. Some of the highlights include:

  • Fluid, full browser screen layout
  • Consolidated and streamlined navigation
  • Higher contrast and better use of vertical and horizontal space
  • Responsive framework preparing the way for future mobile access
  • New rankings tool and report

He provided us with an exclusive first look of what the new Social Media Management tools will look like. I think you’ll see why he’s excited about πŸ™‚

Please click the images to enlarge to really see the changes:

Old Twitter Management

Old Raven Twitter Manager

New Twitter Management

New Raven Twitter Manager

Old Facebook Metrics

Old Raven Facebook Metrics

New Facebook Metrics

New Raven Facebook Metrics

Old Social Monitor

Old Raven Social Monitor

New Social Monitor

New Raven Social Monitor

For more details about the new redesign and when it’s launching, be sure to check out http://raventools.com/simple. They’ll be updating the page soon with more details.

  • Greg Shuey

    do you guys use raven? we never did at SEO, but I started using it last month and it rocks!!

    • RavenCourtney

      Yay, Greg! I’m psyched you’re digging it! (And thanks for the sweet preview, Matt!)

      • Greg Shuey

        On a side note, do you take feature requests? I’m sure you have a HUGE list of requests and features queued up to be added, but I have some ideas.

        • RavenArienne

          Since I happen to be here, I’ll answer for Courtney. Yes! We take feature requests. Simply email support@raventools.com and let them know what you’re thinking.

          We are a bit backed up on new features right now because of the coming improvements, but the more feedback we have now the more we can prioritize later.

      • No problem and Yea Greg, we use Raven.

  • RavenArienne

    Just realized that you guys have the biggest and the best screenshots of the new Raven anywhere. You must be special πŸ˜‰ Also… that selfie avatar of the ABC Industries woman. Wow.

  • The tool seem so useful. Now I have a cool tool for my job

  • Shenika Stevens

    Very useful tool to use for all SEO’s… Thanks. Great help πŸ™‚

  • penyejuk hati

    thank’s for your info