Have You ‘Tipd’ Anything Yet?

Have You ‘Tipd’ Anything Yet?

This morning (thanks to a @tamar tweet) I was reading over on the Tipd blog about Tipd going to version 1.0, and I think that’s pretty cool considering they have only been in beta for a little over a month.

Tipd - A Financial Social Community

Never heard of Tipd? What is Tipd? To understand what Tipd is, you need to become more familiar with the man behind it – Muhammad Saleem, the Social Media Maven himself. I will not get into all the politics into why he started Tipd, but rather tell you about this Digg style, community driven, social media website that is more geared for those in the financial community, although there are other opportunities if you are not.  You can find amazing financial related articles, vote for them as well as submit stories and join in the conversations.  As with any social community it is a good idea to start building friends.  I would suggest finding people that share similar interests and vote for the stuff they submit that you like, and leave useful comments that add value.  They will notice and return the favor, I don’t know how to stress this enough.

I have been using Tipd for about a month now (feel free to add me to your Tipd friends), and like what I see so far. I really like how the community is friendly, and not Digg-violent and abusive in their commenting (which is just plain annoying).   I work with many clients that do not care about the traffic they will get because of Digg simply because they do not want their website tied into such anger and hate.  In many cases I have noticed Tipd pages ranking better then anything most “normal users” would ever be able to accomplish on Digg.   Granted you are not seeing the kind of traffic you see from a FP (front page) Digg, but you are seeing traffic from a FP Tipd (which is more then you ever will on Twitter who is a lot older and more users), and its consistently picking up (from stats I am looking at).  Another reason I love it is the potential for valuable back links to be built up. People are reading about your stories from Tipd, and also linking to them, all of which helps the over all goal for your Internet marketing campaigns, SEO and social media.

To many in the SEO community that read this Tipd is nothing new, but I have many ‘newbie’ readers, that subscribe to this blog that have never heard of social media sites like Twitter for example (I know hard to believe but true), and for this reason I thought it would be a good idea to get people made aware.

I give a hat tip to Muhammad Saleem for getting this new community going, and I am excited to see where it goes and the kind of traffic it will eventually be pulling in.  Here’s to my hopes of it blowing Digg out of the water!

If you have had any good (or bad) experiences with Tipd, I would love to hear them.  Who knows, if Tipd is reading this, maybe they will listen to the people who use them, and continue to build versions of their site that users will continue to enjoy and share with others.  After all, that is the foundation of what social media is – right?