Helping The Unbelievers, Believe – In Twitter That Is

Helping The Unbelievers, Believe – In Twitter That Is

The Power of Twitter
The Power of Twitter

I had an amazing meeting this afternoon with 3 of the coolest guys you would ever be so lucky to meet. These guys are clients of mine, who wanted to discuss Twitter as well as the best ways to leverage its power. Everyone of these guys (up to this point) were WAY TOO COOL to use (or be found dead on) Twitter. By the end of the 2 hour meeting (which really did FLY by) they were ALL ready to get their own personal Twitter accounts setup (besides the corporate one I had already helped them set up).

Why the change of heart for these hardest of hard core “cool dudes”?

It really is simple – I showed and helped them understand the power of Twitter and what it would/could do for their business (as well as what it could do for them individually).

Businesses for the most part, still just don’t get Twitter. They feel it is simply a trendy fad and you’re less cool for being a part of (I admit that it is a fad).  My clients were actually worried that they would look like sell outs to all the hard cores out there in their specific industry. True or not, they need to be taking advantage of what it is doing for businesses right now, just like they will be needing to take advantage of whatever fad is helping businesses in two years from now.

I explained to them, there is at least one reason to get a corporate Twitter account, which is to get your business (Twitter URL) name locked down before the competition (or worse – someone who hates you more) does and causes you some major online reputation management problems. How would you like to have someone out there pretending to be you, promoting stuff you may not want to be promoting, and getting fans and followers (and money) off of your good name that you have taken the time, and spent the money to gain? This piece of advice really opened their eyes. I am always surprised that more businesses do not understand this.

Now, these guys are not idiots when it comes to social stuff (in fact they do very well on Youtube and other social forums, but they still have a long way to come when understanding the overall pictures of social media and reasons that a business must embrace it. This is one of my most important challenges as an Internet marketer – helping businesses understand and grasp the “big picture” of online marketing strategies. You are not simply “tweeting” ONLY to make sales, or creating amazing content that will FP Digg just because it will make you initial sales. There is more to it… which I will explain as you read further.

Here is a breakdown of some of the “eye opening” things (to these guys) I told my clients today in terms of helping them to understand the direction they need to take Twitter with their company:

  1. Online Reputation Management – making sure you are the one that is in control of your name and brand socially.
  2. Customer Service – if people know you can be reached via Twitter, they will reach you. You can often help people much quicker and easier through Twitter. (140 chars, or less baby) Saves a ton of time from annoying phone calls, am I right??
  3. Tips – These guys are in an industry filled with people looking for tips, so what better platform to put your tips out there?  Get in front of the millions of people who are using Twitter everyday. Tips are a great way to get people checking back and can help increase the number of followers you have tremendously!
  4. Services – Let it be known why you are on Twitter, and how exactly you can help people via Twitter (what services you are willing to offer etc).
  5. Humor – Just because you are on “trendy Twitter” does not mean you can’t be yourself and make people laugh. In fact, the more you are yourself and let people know its the real YOU, or the REAL COMPANY that they have grown to trust and love, the more likely it is going to do you good – and get you more followers.
  6. Videos – Again, if you are in a field that has videos, Twitter is a great place to share them – especially if they are going to make people laugh, teach them, or in some other way “enlighten” them!
  7. Content promotion – Got a blog? Well make sure you put up a “tweet” every time you got a new post live. The more people that like it will re-tweet it and share it. The more people share it and pass it around, the better it is for you (but that should be a no brainer huh?)
  8. Product promotions – Its OK to promote products that you offer on Twitter – it really is. Just make sure you are doing other things with your Twitter account besides just “promoting”. You are more likely to make sales and gain (not lose) followers by mixing it up!
  9. Contests – A great way to gain new followers and get more people interested (or knowing) about your brand. Offer something that will get people talking about, and linking back to you. This is very powerful when done right!
  10. Reach new customers – You want to be doing everything you can to be finding new customers. The old hard core base is great, but the only way to expand and gain more customers is by stepping outside the traditional methods of marketing. I had to help these guys understand that traffic from Youtube is great, but why not throw in 10 more sites that will do 10x better for them? Lets hit ALL areas people!!! Are ya with me??

Finally, I ended it by sharing some reasons (and personal experiences – you have to be my client to hear – hah) as to why I am on Twitter personally and how it can help make money and grow you as an individual.  I think that was the final thing that did it for these guys. Basically, I told them that there are people looking for stuff and asking questions on Twitter all day long – if your company can provide those answers (or services) and get paid for it – then WHY ARE YOU NOT DOING IT?

My meeting ended with one of the guys throwing down his pencil to say “DAMMIT MAT, now I am going to HAVE to go get a Twitter account when you put it that way.” We all had a good laugh, and they accused me of being the reason their business was going “soft” but it was all in fun and games and was a truly amazing breakthrough.