The PURRiodic Table of Internet Cats

The PURRiodic Table of Internet Famous Cats (click the link to view the full interactive graphic) is our latest interactive graphic creation.  We have to give a h/t to Friskies® for their  Friskies 50®which was a catalyst for the The interactive PURRiodic Table allows users to click on an image of any of 50 felines to learn their stories and view their social-media-star stats.  One of our favorite discoveries in putting the PURRiodic Table together was learning that more than half of these cats are rescue cats, which emphasizes the importance of animal adoptions.

How Rednecks Use Social Media

Social media has been popular with the city folk for years now but as America’s love affair with the redneck gains more power, it makes perfect sense for the two to meet somewhere in the middle. With that, we’ve channeled our inner-hick in creating the ultimate infographic, explaining exactly how rednecks use social media on their fancy typing machines to stay in touch with their kin.  This graphic was inspired by our ever-famous “Social MeOWdia Explained by Cats” graphic.  You guys asked us for a “Redneck” version of this graphic, so here it is in all its glory – enjoy!

Social MEDogIA Explained

You may recall our previous Social MeowDIA infographic, where we had some cute and cuddly cats explaining the ins-and-outs of social media, however, this time, we figured we’d let the dogs have their day. Yes, for the first time ever online, you can now learn what makes each social site unique by way of our Social MEDogIA infographic – social media explained to you, directly from the slobbering mouths of these tech savvy canines.

So, now that the cats and dogs have both had their moment to shine, which one do you like best? Well, from July 1-31, we’re letting the humans speak up, once and for all, in a vote for their favorite social species. Simply cast your vote (by way of monetary donation) toward the team that you think did the best job and 100% of proceeds will go to the partnering non-profit organizations that work to help these animals that we love so dearly.

26 Ideas for Split Testing Your PPC Ads

It’s no secret that clickthrough rate is one of the most important metrics to measure and improve in your PPC account. It will drive more traffic, improve quality score, and thus lower costs. Knowing the importance of a good ad with a high clickthrough rate we compiled a list of the best tried and tested ad copy ideas. They won’t all be right for your account but you can use the graphic as a starting place for getting inspiration for your ad copy. Test away!

This was originally posted on Search Engine Land and we have to give them a HUGE thank you for posting it for us.

The Complete History of Social Media

Ask people to do a word association exercise with the term social media and you will likely be bombarded with a slew of “Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest” responsesOf course, those are currently the three hottest social media sites on the planet, but surprisingly the history of social media goes back hundreds or even thousands of years.

Our interactive infographic, The Complete History of Social Media, tells the amazing story behind social media as we know it today.  It also raises the question, “So, what’s next”?  Believe it or not, ten years from now Twitter and Pinterest could well be the Myspace and Digg of today (technology dinosaurs fighting to get back into a space they used to dominate).

Click on the graphic below to see the interactive graphic.
The Complete History of Social Media

Utah: The Best State for Business and Careers

We admit we’re biased because Avalaunch is a Utah business, but if you need us to convince you that Utah is the best state for business and careers, we’re happy to persuade you with a few facts:

  • Utah has won top ranking as Forbes Magazine’s “Best State for Business and Careers” for 3 years now.
  • Utah has the 6th most diverse economy in the nation.
  • We’re healthy too – #7 on this list of the healthiest states.
  • An incredible community for entrepreneurs called The Summit Group is currently being developed in Utah. First, the group bought a ski resort. Eventually they plan to develop a business utopia (at least that’s what it sounds like).
  • Utah is one of 4 states with a AAA bond rating (better than the federal government) and has maintained that rating for 46 years.

If you’re still skeptical, we have more, check out this infographic from the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

Utah Air Pollution: A Public Health Emergency

Winter pollution is becoming a blight to the beehive state. Utah’s dirty air threatens the incredible recreation and tourism that Utah is known for, as well as the health of its relatively young, healthy population. According to a story on Utah’s Wasatch Front ranks as one of the worst parts of the country for short-term particle pollution but not as high for year-round.

According to the American Lung Association’s State of the Air report, many Utah cities are among the worst in the nation. Salt Lake City/Ogden/Clearfield are ranked number six on the short-term list. Logan is ranked 10th and Provo 11th. “The report gave six counties in Utah an “F grade” for unacceptable high particulate pollution days; Salt Lake City had the most unacceptable days.”

The EPA measures pollutants including: ozone, particulates, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. They rate these on a scale of 0-500. A “red” warning level, is anything about 151, but even with an orange alert (101-150) it can start hurting sensitive groups such as the elderly, infants, and those with respiratory problems.

air quality codes, EPA

However, you don’t have to be in those groups to be affected. Air pollution shortens the life of everyone along the Wasatch Front by 2 years. Though Utah’s smoking rate is one of the lowest in the country, every red day is akin to smoking a half a pack of cigarettes.

Part of the problem is caused by geography and the inversions it creates, there’s not a lot we can do to change that. Instead it has to be lowering emissions and addressing industry polluters. The problems air pollution causes and what we can begin to do about it is illustrated below. The message is clear: Utah’s air is not only dirty, it’s often unhealthy.

We gathered all the research we could find about Utah’s air pollution problem  for this infographic.

Social MEowDia Explained

While social media might be second nature to some of the more tech savvy individuals of the world, it’s a fully foreign language to others – even those that feel they have a solid understanding of the platform are often blind-sided by some of the totally new social sites that seem to be popping up left and right.

Well, with that, we’d like to explain exactly what social media is and how the various sites each offer their own take on the technology.

Of course, we’re well aware that you’ve seen social media explained to the layman before, however, in honor of our presentation at Search Fest 2013, we’ve added some of the newer sites, such as Pinterest, Yelp and Spotify, that might still have you puzzled … oh, and beyond that, have you ever seen it explained by cute little kitties?

The answer is no, you haven’t. The only question is do you like that static graphic, or motion graphic better? (Social MeOWdia Explained Video)

Social Media Explained by Cats
Social MeOWdia Explained