• Online PR Evolves from Traditional PR

    Jul 27 2011

    Traditional Press Releases vs. Today’s News Releases

    I was in the “School of Communications” as an undergrad student and took several “PR” classes. Of course, we were taught that the key component to a good PR strategy was writing something that the editor, publisher or producer you were targeting would be willing to print. However, today we are almost never writing news releases with only one target publication in mind, rather we try to focus on the end-reader, understanding that online news releases allow companies to virtually skip the editorial process and release news through many different mediums (search engines, news sites, blogs, etc.) with little to no editorial review. The net effect of the evolution from the traditional press release to today’s news release is that the definitions of news and news mediums have really expanded. I believe the info graphic below does a great job of painting a picture of that expansion –

    Online PR Evolves from Traditional PR

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