• How Rednecks Use Social Media

    Nov 21 2013

    Social media has been popular with the city folk for years now but as America’s love affair with the redneck gains more power, it makes perfect sense for the two to meet somewhere in the middle. With that, we’ve channeled our inner-hick in creating the ultimate infographic, explaining exactly how rednecks use social media on their fancy typing machines to stay in touch with their kin.  This graphic was inspired by our ever-famous “Social MeOWdia Explained by Cats” graphic.  You guys asked us for a “Redneck” version of this graphic, so here it is in all its glory – enjoy!

    How Rednecks Use Social Media

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    • Arnie Kuenn

      Nice job guys!

    • Dil

      hahaaa!!! This had me cracking up, great humor here & spot on lines for each character,