The True Cost of an iPhone 5 by Avalaunch Media

The True Cost of an iPhone 5 by Avalaunch Media

I wanted to share a very timely graphic we designed this last week here in the “Infographics” section of our blog!  We were thrilled that Mashable agreed to publish it and very excited when it was quickly picked up by sites like Huffington Post, Gizmodo, and many other publishers. H/T to Luke Alley for the great idea. This is a great example of why we love infographics and I wanted to make sure it was included on our site as a case study. I have had some of the staunchest “infographic skeptics” in the world comment on how effective the graphic was.

Infographic Marketing and promotion done right, can be some of the most effective PR online! Please feel free to contact us if you would like to talk about capitalizing on a great idea for your company.

  • phantomunmasker

    Does that breakdown even include the “fees” providers tack on to the monthly bill, above and beyond those passed on to various levels of government? I’ll bet they amount to a more significant cost than the protective case and cord included in the analysis.

  • lily hollrigel

    what are the answers