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    We Know PPC Inside and Out

    Our PPC specialists have one focus, PPC. Was that redundant? Yes. Does it matter to you? Hopefully! We want you to know your PPC efforts and your money will be in good hands. We have a low account to rep ratio so you know you’ll get the attention you’ll need. Our specialists are constantly exploring, sharing, and learning new strategies that translate to better results for you. Every manager here is publishing blog posts that are shared heavily in the industry. Each and every day we are working to be better at our craft.


    We Focus Our Time and Effort in Lead-Generation

    About 80% of our clients are in lead-generation and we love it. This gives us the majority of our day to create, test and prove different lead-gen strategies. From small accounts spending $5,000/mo to large accounts spending $200,000/mo we’ve honed our lead-generation skills. We know that from keyword to closed sale every step in the process is important. We’ve seen what types of keywords, ads, landing pages, thank you pages, and even sales processes work. We realize that not all leads are created equal, so we track leads through closing and tie that data back to Adwords/BingAds and optimize off that. We call it lead-quality lead-generation. We even share our secrets on our blog!

    We Use the Best Tools


    Machines may take over the world one day, but for for now we use them to boost our PPC efforts. Machines can do certain tasks much better than we can. With this in mind we use Marin Software for bid optimization, reporting, and account management. We are on the short list of Marin Certified Agencies. We also have researched, found and pay for top tools for keyword research, competitive research, call tracking, and landing page optimization.

    PPCWe Are Thought Leaders

    Through our speaking, blog posts and interaction with the PPC community we are also thought leaders. We try to provide quality content that the entire industry can use. Our articles and infographics have been widely shared with resources such as the Enhanced Campaigns Resource. Our unique infographic on 26 Ad Testing Ideas was also featured on Search Engine Land.

    We Stay Up on New Trends

    Did you know that in 2013 Google published over 120 blog posts regarding Adwords? We read every one! We stay up on the latest trends by following and participating in the PPC industry conversation both online and at conferences. Luke has attended Google Summit (Adwords training) at Google HQ in California twice. He also is part of the BingAds Accredited Professionals advisory board. He has hosted #PPCChat on twitter on multiple occasions.

    We Are Transparent With Our Clients

    Every account counts to us and we have personal relationships with our clients and their businesses. We love talking with our clients and each has a dedicated manager so you can call/email/chat us anytime! That communication is important to us so we can meld your knowledge of your business and industry and our knowledge of PPC. We are open with you as we believe that fosters trust and a better, long-term relationship.  Google+

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Avalaunch has helped us achieve nearly a 500% ROI on our Adwords management investment.

—Austin G. from SweatBlock