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Are you getting your money’s worth out of your PPC campaigns?

Let us help you decide with a Free 32 Point PPC Audit (on accounts with a $5000+ spend). Our audit will analyze your current PPC Structure, Keyword Selection, Ads, Regularity of Optimization, Settings and Expansion.


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Our Process


Isn’t it all about communication? Here at Avalaunch we know that the key to a successful PPC campaign is consistent communication. We make sure that we know you and your company on a first-name basis.

Track Records

We are all about transparency. If we aren’t confident that we can make your businesses PPC campaign successful, we’ll let you know. We’re only successful if you are, and we work hard to make that happen.


We’re committed to being the experts in our space. In fact, this is so important to us that we created the Launch certification program. Our team has all certifications from Google (six of them) and Bing. As far as being the experts, our team blogs, speaks at industry conferences such as SMX & Pubcon, hosts #PPCChat and more.


We are not a churn-and-burn shop. We work hard to build long-term relationships with our clients and their businesses. We are not like other PPC providers. Your business is our business, and so is your success.

The Results

Enterprise PPC


Social PPC

Closed Loop Marketing

Avalaunch Success Stories

"I was with a company here in Utah and wasn't all that happy... the main reason I went to Avalaunch was to get an increase in search traffic. I've been with them 5 or 6 years now!"

Eric K.

Low VA Rates

"The Avalaunch PPC Team has helped us achieve nearly a 500% ROI on our Adwords management investment."

Austin G.


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