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    Search Engine Optimization is the most crucial Internet marketing strategy for online businesses today, and it should be a part of every business long term marketing strategy. Unfortunately, many companies don’t have the knowledge and experience that truly effective SEO requires.

    SEOCase Study—Tree Doctors, Inc.


    Generate customer leads and reduce the overall marketing budget.


    For Tree Doctors, we looked at the way the company site was built, rearranging the internal linking structure, analyzing the coding, and creating unique titles and metadata. We also created new content for many of the pages, paying particular attention to optimize the content for search engines. Finally, we built links in all the right places!

    • 85% of Tree Doctors new customers are a direct result of organic search engine leads.
    • Tree Doctors has been able to discontinue 90% of their offline marketing strategies and substantially reduce their overall marketing budget. Google+
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To say that Avalaunch Media plays a large role in our new customer flow is an understatement. 85% of our new customers are a direct result of their search engine optimization services!

—Benjamin F., Owner, Tree Doctors