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    Social MediaAny digital marketer will tell you it’s one thing to produce great content, it’s another thing to get it distributed and shared with the masses.  Our distribution starts with social media promotion – the Internet’s version of word-of-mouth marketing.  We have strong social network channels within all of the top networks and are able to “socially seed” your content.  This drives social awareness and creates an opportunity for your content to go viral.

    We also offer relationships with a number of influential blogs and publishing websites and will leverage those relationships to suggest they mention your content within a related article. We reach out to targeted blogs and publications, informing them of your newly published content that would resonate with their readership.  Our content has been picked up by major publishers such as Forbes, Huffington Post, Mashable, Inc., National Geographic, Gizmodo and many others.

    Utilize Avalaunch’s social media accounts, connections and know-how to promote your content on the web. Whether you’re launching a new company, introducing a new product, or you simply want to strengthen consumer awareness, social media done right is an incredibly powerful tool.

    Examples of where our content has been picked up:

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“For the record, Matt Siltala and team do an AWESOME job with infographics and viral/social promotions. Can’’t recommend them enough.”

—Dan Patterson, Director of Internet Marketing, CityPass.com