Don’t Be The Community Moron

I was checking out some Yelp listings this morning, and come across something that made me wanna rant for just a bit. If you are going to participate in communities like Yelp, and leave your two cents (or reviews in the case of Yelp), then why not FULLY PARTICIPATE?  People are not going to give what you say a second thought if you are doing anything like Paul B. here:

How NOT to be a Yelper!
How NOT to be a Yelper!

In my opinion reviews like these are about as worthless and annoying as anonymous blog comments (and should be Yelp filtered reviews IMO) from people to scared to really let others know who they are, and what they stand for.  You don’t even have the balls to add a picture?  The other negative side of it, is these kind of reviews or comments leave no value or make people want to believe them.  You have two people that have reviewed with a 4 and 5 star, that use real pictures of themselves and have multiple friends and hundreds of reviews – which makes them 100% more credible.  Also, the review is to suspect, like it could be a competitor because it says “fresh & good flavor” but then goes on to slam the crust and only give 2 stars?  Anyone who truly gets Yelp, understands that this is a bogus review and would not give it any thought when using Yelp to find a place to eat.

The moral of the story here is to make sure and take the time to be real & actually participate in the communities that you are a part of, because if this user is an actual legit user – nobody’s buying what hes trying to sell us, and eventually Yelp will end up removing the listing.

3 Important Tips:

  1. First and most important – Add a REAL image of yourself.
  2. Leave reviews or comments that don’t seem like a 2 yr. old wrote them.
  3. Take the time to add friends, it makes you look more legit too.

Are You A Rattlesnake Neighbor?

I was thinking about my old town (which happens to be owned by the Government now – seriously no kidding, look at the picture) and some of the neighbors I grew up next to.

My Old Town ... Seriously WTF??
My Old Town ... Seriously WTF??

The reason I started thinking about this is because I was trying to compare it to what kind of a neighbor I am in life, and especially online.  It begs the question: What kind of a neighbor are you? I had some fun responses on Twitter about bad neighbors too, that I wanted to share:  Thanks @Rhea, @MollerMarketing and @ArnieK for your responses!

Twitter Neighborhood

Twitter Neighbors

The Rattlesnake Neighbor

I shared a story on Twitter about how the worst neighbor my family had growing up would always put dead rattlesnakes on our doorstep to try and scare us.  Many many times it worked, but the shock factor eventually wore off and it became annoying and we paid no attention (and never became good friends).  Can you see where I am taking this?

To make online communities work for you, you have to get noticed yes, but are you taking the wrong approach?? (aka my neighbors rattlesnake approach?)  Here is the problem with taking the rattlesnake approach – you can do things for “shock” factor to get yourself noticed, but how long is that shock factor going to last?  The sad thing is you could eventually end up being a good friend, but if all you do is put rattlesnakes on my door step then eventually I am going to get bored and stop being your friend.

It also gets me thinking about what might have happened if a LIVE rattlesnake ever ended up on my doorstep and caught me off guard because I was so use to the prank (and didn’t pay attention).  I would have missed something important, and that would have been BAD!  What if these same people online share something amazing, but you never notice it because of their past history of being idiots?  It might actually be something worth checking out, but you would never give them the time of day, and that content would never get viewed.

Learn how to be a real neighbor

Learn how to play nice with others!
Learn how to play nice with others!

Don’t be annoying: Treat people how you want to be treated.   Like the golden rule is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, the Platinum rule would be “do unto others as you would want them to do unto you!” If you want people to share your content, link to you, talk about you, ask you for help – then you better be doing that as well!  You can’t just offer up something shocking, and hope that people continue to follow you in all your communities – you have to be real and engage with people.  Let people know your likes, dislikes; help them get to know the real you!  You don’t have to agree with everything that everyone does all the time, but find some common ground and build on it!

I have had some of the best neighbors (offline) these last two years that were NOTHING like me, but we have found common ground, we listen to each other, let each other share whats on their mind, and we help out wherever we can.  Its amazing to me that more don’t get this simple rule to being social, but then again I guess there will forever be those “rattlesnake neighbors” around!!