Giving SEO The Credit It Deserves

A Thanks To SEO
A Thanks To SEO

SEO has been GOOD to me.  SEO has been GOOD to my clients. I have been doing this since the late 90s, and still no complaints…from anyone, not one.

Don’t compare us to lawyers, don’t try to tell us we are selling snake oil, and especially – I mean especially, don’t try to tell us our industry is dead (have you heard of Google?). We have heard it all before, and to be quite honest, we are getting bored of it. Seriously figure out something else to talk about in 2010. Please? Go link bait your agenda in some other industry.

The number one thing I learned in 2009 is that SEO IS NOT DEAD despite the claims. What a great year to be an Internet business owner. Am I right? When i looked all around my town this year, and saw small businesses closing up (supposedly because of the recession) I never feared about any of my stuff online not continuing to grow and prosper. SEO has been good to me, so when I hear about (or when I wasted my time reading) some ass hats link bait of why it’s dead it makes me wanna scream.


I often wish I had more time to blog in response to these idiots. Even more so, I wish I was a better blogger, but I am not – so guess what? I will just stick with taking care of my clients and growing my company (Its worked so far, pretty well too). Wow how do some of you bloggers do it? My hat is off to you! I barley get time to post every once in a great while, but I wanted to make sure I took this opportunity to THANK, NOT BASH SEO, and what it has done for me.

I implement an SEO strategy for every single one of my clients this year, in one of its forms. Call it what you want, blended search, mixed media, online marketing – again, who cares? If you are a good Internet marketer you already are aware of whats going on, and doing right for your clients.  (I am pretty sure it was) Danny Sullivan said it best “As long as there are search engines, there will be SEO”  (although I can’t remember exactly where)  So now, you try to tell me that because of social media, the rules about SEO have changed. The point of SM is relationship building and sharing of information is it not? Through that, you build links, get sites to rank for your name (example: if you are on Twitter and are active go Google your business name and tell me where Twitter is) and drive traffic. Hmm, sounds a lot like SEO to me. Getting YOU, Your Brand, or YOUR CONTENT to come up in the SERPs. But of course, none of this matters because SEO is dead …. right?

SEO is NOT Dead
SEO is NOT Dead

Looking forward to SEO in 2010

I am very excited to know what I know, and very excited to continue to use SEO in 2010. I look forward to continuing to help my clients businesses grow with SEO too. They have all thanked me this year, and are looking forward to another year just as good. A side note FYI, I helped a lot of my clients grow their businesses this year with out even an ounce of social media, or other forms of marketing. That’s right, just 100% SEO – good ole onsite and offsite SEO, link building etc.. Please, don’t get me wrong, if all the decisions were up to me, I would use every form of marketing available, but lets be honest with each other, some clients are just not ready to embrace it yet.

How to tell if SEO will not die in 2010?

  • Are you always going to need a properly coded site? (technical SEO)
  • Are you always going to need good content?
  • Do you want people to find your content?
  • Do you want people to find your images and videos?
  • Are you always going to need people linking to you?
  • Do you want people talking about your business?
  • Do you think you might use Google, Yahoo or Bing in 2010?

If you answered YES to all of these questions (which I dare any of you to tell me no) then YES, you will be using SEO in 2010.  There are so many posts that answer this better then I do with the bullet points above, so read them, but this post is to THANK SEO, I don’t need to defend it.  I know what its done for me.

This SEO IS DEAD debate is like a bad car wreck, everyone feels like they need to slow down and look at it, but they don’t really need to … do they? Move along, there is nothing more to see here (remember this can date back to 1997 – LOL).   Let’s hope 2010 brings more intelligent posts and conversation about SEO and Internet marketing, especially from people who should know better.