47 Reasons To Love Avalaunch

For the past 21 years, the Mountain West Capital Network has hosted the Utah 100 awards. Avalaunch Media has ranked within the top 100 for the second year in a row—and this year we placed 47. In honor of our recent ranking, here are 47 reasons to love Avalaunch Media:
  1. Our mission is to launch the world’s best brands.
  2. We believe teams are made of people, not employees.
  3. We believe clients are people, not dollar signs.
  4. We believe the best form of communication involves both hearing and listening.
  5. We believe that the only constant is change—and we embrace it to bring you cutting-edge, industry-leading material.
  6. We believe that a company’s culture steers its attitude, which in turn steers its altitude.
  7. We believe in pouring our hearts and souls into each project.
  8. We believe in creating believers through diligence and dedication.
  9. We are client-focused.
  10. We create every project from scratch—you won’t fit into a mold here.
  11. We have an innovative team of 10 in-house graphic and motion designers.
  12. Our in-house editors are focused on creating impeccable content.
  13. We’re driven by a company culture to succeed while enjoying each day at work.
  14. Our office combines creativity, relaxation and innovation.
  15. We have spike ball, snacks and potlucks on the regular.
  16. Our project managers work with you step-by-step, helping your vision become reality.
  17. Our in-house PR professionals work to increase visibility, credibility, and valuation.
  18. We craft high-quality infographics that are 30-times more likely to be read than traditional text.
  19. We produce top quality motion graphics and videos that will double the time spent on your site.
  20. We create interactive graphics that get customers engaged with your brand.
  21. We take your concepts and put them into visual presentations and slide decks that easily convey your ideas.
  22. Our eBook designs generate leads and convert customers.
  23. We have proven, high-power SEO strategies to improve visibility.
  24. We take a data-driven approach to PPC.
  25. We build stunning websites that drive and convert customers.
  26. Our founders are regular presenters at major conferences.
  27. Our company founders are all under the age of 40.
  28. We give back to the community by contributing to local organizations.
  29. We deliver measurable digital marketing results.
  30.  “Minute to Win It” only takes us 47 seconds.
  31. We use visual content in a variety of ways to launch your brand.
  32. We back up our statements with real case studies.
  33. Many of our team members have digital marketing backgrounds—so we know what we’re talking about.
  34. We offer an annual scholarship contest to all college and university students, regardless of their degrees.
  35. We know that to create the best content, you need the best tools—and Avalaunch Media has them all.
  36.  Avalaunch Media not only offers a simple IRA, but contributes to it as well.
  37. We offer flex time, because some days you need to work from home.
  38. We offer comprehensive PTO for full-time employees.
  39. We create an environment that fosters creativity and teamwork.
  40. Our company is growing—and we’re constantly looking for creative people to join our team.
  41. We have 102 years of combined digital marketing experience.
  42. We are Adwords certified.
  43. We are Bing certified.
  44. We are Marin certified.
  45. We are a Google Premier Partner, an honor awarded to the top 3 percent of North American agencies.
  46. We subscribe to the “First WHO then WHAT” philosophy.
  47. Most importantly, we believe that you are pivotal to Avalaunch Media’s success.
Avalaunch Media Team Avalaunch Media is bursting with reasons to love us—but as promised, I’ll stop at 47. I hope that after reading this article you will love Avalaunch Media as much as I do. Please feel free to stop by and meet our team in person.

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