5 Changes You Need To Make To Your Site For The New Year

Just a friendly reminder for those who run businesses online – Go and make sure all of your information is up to date and current on your website.  One of my biggest pet peeves and reasons I will move onto the next site, is when I see something out of date on a site.  (By the way – all of the changes that need to be made on my sites are in the works)  You look more legit, and people feel more comfortable giving you their credit card information when they feel there is someone manning the shop.

5 Things You Need To Make Sure and DO:

  • Update the Sites Copyright Date
  • Update or removed (whichever is appropriate) Promo Codes listed on site
  • Any Banners that may be dated
  • Contact info – now is as good of time as any to check it and make sure its all up to date like phone numbers, email addresses and mailing addresses.
  • Do a site wide analysis of all pages, and take the time to double check that all is working as it should.

Yes, even the small and simple things as listed above can do great things for your business.  Just remember this is your online store and image.  If you owned an offline store, you wouldn’t keep the window painted for Christmas when you are trying to promote Valentines Day – right?

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