5 Ways to Find the Social Media Elite

If you’re like me you like watching and learning from the best. I love being a part of social media campaigns and reading about the successes. I want to know what companies are doing innovative work and what works. I love what Sharpie has done in social media.

When I was new to social media or any form of internet marketing I craved having a mentor. The best part of social media is the visiblity – you can see what the best in the industry are doing and connect to them.

Just making friends with someone who has influence in social media can get you great traffic and links. That’s how I know Mat. It’s pretty normal for us to ask each other to push out each other’s blog posts or stories. In fact, I don’t do it enough.

5 Tools to Help you Find and Follow the Social Media Elite:

  1. The Facebook Elite based on HubSpot’s Facebook Grader (personal profiles only allow up to 5,000 friends)
  2. Top Businesses on Facebook (helps you see the many approaches you can take on Facebook)
  3. Twitter Grader and Hubspot’s Twitter elite (they list overal and by location)
  4. Wefollow lets you search for top people on Twitter by keyword
  5. Twitterholic and you can use it to find top people in your industry to follow on Twitter.

Tip: If you can’t reach the elite in the tech world, try looking at who’s being covered at TechMeme and pitch a link to them. Or ask them if they’d like to see your product.

You’d probably be surprised at how accessible many of the elite are. Getting mentioned by someone like ProBlogger can bring as many hits to your site as getting a lot of Diggs and it’s easier. I recently read that famous mom blogger Dooce gets 1.5 million hits a month. When I’m consulting with people I tell them to pitch local bloggers and I usually have to explain just how powerful this can be.

Try it. Reach out to someone on the list. Then let me know what you think.

7 thoughts on “5 Ways to Find the Social Media Elite

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  2. Mat Siltala says:

    Janet, you make such a good point that most are willing, you just have to approach them. No one person knows everything – and there is much to learn!! I love learning from people like Janet because shes loves Internet business about as much as I do, but her focus is something other then SEO (which is my passion) Its a great combo for learning!

  3. Joel McLaughlin says:

    I love learning from the best. When I decided to get in to the search engine optimization field, I started reading what people were saying. Like Aaron Wall, Stoney DeGeyter, Will Reynolds, Bill Slawski, Rand Fishkin, Patrick Gavin, Bruce Clay & several others

  4. Jamie Giberti says:

    Some great points in there, it’s also amazing how quickly some of the social media elite can find you if you have something in common (quick example, I posted a link on twitter to an SEO article I wrote on articleblast.com and 3 SEO people with a ton of followers all started following me), and it shows the best people are all trying to learn from the rest of us at the same time.

  5. Gene Rainone says:

    There is an ending. Just remember that I meant for this to be an art game. I do feel like I spent an inordinate amount of time on the a lot more traditional gameplay elements, which may make the meaning of the game a bit unclear. In case you mess about with it though, you will find it.

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