$50 Of Free Clicks In Free Facebook Ads

50$ In Free Facebook Ads
50$ In Free Facebook Ads
If you have been thinking about giving the Facebook Ads a try, now is your perfect opportunity because I am giving you a chance to win $50 bucks in free clicks – (I am gonna keep this simple too) all you gotta do is comment and let me know why you wanna try out the Facebook Ads program – and I’ll pick one of you to give it to.  I will just email, or DM the code to the winner on Monday March 30th, and you can have all $50 bucks of free clicks.  Keep in mind that this is only good for users that are new to the Facebook Advertising program. WHY am I doing this? I already have an account, and got this card while I was at SMX West 2009.  I actually just found it in the bag you get (almost tossed it) and am not going to use it, so I decided to give it away so it can be put to use.  It expires June 30th of this year, so if you win it – use it fast! If I choose you, you will have to come back to this post (not a requirement) and let me know if the ads did anything for you and what you learned while using the $50 bucks!   You can even follow me on Twitter for good measure, but that’s not required either!  I look forward to the comments! Good Luck! PS – Let this be a reminder to those of you who got bags at SMX West 2009 that you got a free card with $50 bucks in free FB Ads – unless I was the only one??? PPS – You can even leave a comment as to why you wouldn’t want this too?  I would love to hear all reasons! UPDATE: We have a winner!  Congrats to Missy for being the winner of the free ads!  I appreciate all who commented!

13 thoughts on “$50 Of Free Clicks In Free Facebook Ads

  1. Missy says:

    Hi, Mat:

    Nice of you to offer this freebie. I have been meaning to try Facebook Ads for some time, but have never gotten around to it.

    Would love to try the system out and see what (if anything) i can learn from it. Maybe i will set up a landing page on my veg blog for vegetarian hoes or books or something. Not sure yet. But as i said would love to try it.

    Good luck to all who comment!


  2. Nicole says:

    When I see those ads, I do so with stars in my eyes (or tears because of some them make me laugh till I cry!)…never thought it was something I could afford to do. Would love to try it on their dime to see what kind of response I get! Interesting indeed.

  3. Ryan Tinsley says:

    Very cool of you to give this away. I am just starting a business so I can get my wife out of the crappy job that she has so she can stay at home with the kids like we both want. I don’t know if the ad clicks would help my business grow, but would love to give it a try. Thanks for the offer.

  4. Jordan Garn says:

    Would be interested to see if my server could handle all that traffic, and retention rate. I never mentioned this but the Flash on the top of the site is pretty freaking cool, who did it?

  5. Kids Activities says:

    Mat, I only got a chance to attend one of your Prosper classes on SEO and reviewed it couple of times since. It was one of the best seminars I’ve attended. We miss you!

    @Mat Siltala
    Mat, I wanted to say hello and how much your teachings are missed at Prosper. Since I started my business with virtually no budged the $50 in free clicks would be helpful as well.

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