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What Does It Mean to Be a Facebook Marketing Partner?

Avalaunch Media is proud to announce a new partnership with Facebook as a member of its Facebook Marketing Partners (FMP) program. This program holds marketers to the highest standards of service and distinguishes our company as being among the best at what we do. 

Our agency has been vetted for not only our industry expertise but also our performance and history of success. The FMP badge, therefore, is a representation of our technical abilities and willingness to go above and beyond for our customers on social media and other marketing channels. See for yourself what sets our teams apart!

Over the past 6 years that I have had a business relationship with Avalaunch media I have worked with several of the owners and employees. All of them have been great to work with and have helped my business grow tremendously. They are very prompt to my questions and are very creative and give great ideas. You can tell they are great at what they do and are among the leaders in their industry.

Richard Janke

I have worked directly with Avalaunch Media for several years and have continued to be blown away by their drive, imagination and out of the box ideas. I have experience working with multiple groups and staff and all have continued to wow me with their expertise. I’m looking forward to a long lasting, fruitful relationship with Avalaunch Media.

Amanda Moss

I have had the pleasure of working with Avalaunch Media over the last 4 years and have been so impressed with the ingenuity and creativeness they provide. The team created an award winning video for my company that allowed us to open doors we never thought possible. Highly recommend Avalaunch for any marketing services needed

Greg Blackbourn

About the Facebook Marketing Partnership

The Facebook Marketing Program was created as a resource for companies on social media. With the help of a Facebook agency partner, businesses can maximize their social media marketing efforts, reach target audiences, and rise to new heights through the Facebook platform. Facebook only chooses top specialists to be agency partners so that users are best enabled to meet their social media campaign goals and get the best value from their campaign management.

What Are the Advantages of Working With a Facebook Partner?

Facebook marketing experts always know what’s next on Facebook’s roadmap. When changes are coming to the platform, a Facebook agency partner will make sure that your business is among the first to know. With this advanced notice and early access to Facebook’s newest features, you’ll be able to get ahead on budget updates, make preparations for your target audience, have time to test new features, maximize on new opportunities, and gain an edge over your competitors who aren’t collaborating with a Facebook ad agency. 

When you work with FMPs, there’s no guessing or speculation about the implications of impending innovations for your brand — your agency will know what’s best for your business and have answers about how these innovations can work for your company.

What Does This Partnership Mean for Our Clients?

If your business is on Facebook, you need a Facebook ad agency. When you work with an Avalaunch FMP, you’ll benefit from our advanced social media analytics tools and reports, our standby support, our training opportunities, and other exclusive resources that only an FMP agency has access to. Our agency also hosts special events with our partners from time to time, giving our clients the opportunity to learn from industry experts.

Learn About Our Other Partnerships

Facebook isn’t our sole partner at Avalaunch Media. We’re also a Google Premier Partner, which means that our agency can help clients dominate not only the social media market but also the Google platform. 

Contact us today for a free consultation to see how a partnership with us could benefit your bottom line. We can’t wait to launch your business.

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