“Ads related to” New Google Ad Space Text

Google tweaking their Ads section once again:

Google is testing new text above their sponsored ads. The search terms are now placed in the ad area. The above is a screen shot of Google’s yellow ad section above the organics. Highlighted is the text with the search terms Fountain Hills pest control. Previous versions have included simple text like “ads” or “sponsors”. This is the first time Google has included the search term.

Previous Versions:

They have tested a few different things in their ad space. Above is an image when Google used the pinkish background for ads, they also included the little triangle, and the title “Sponsored Links”.

Above is Google testing pulling the Ad description from the page the ad points to. Note yellow background and text that calls the section “Ad”.

Today’s Version:

Do you Think the text encourages more Ad Clicks?


8 thoughts on ““Ads related to” New Google Ad Space Text

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  2. Thomas Ballantyne says:

    @Alex I had noticed this before. I thought that I could have missed it but the few people I went to said it was new. I couldn’t find any blog posts mentioning it. Where they testing it a year ago? It seems to be live everywhere now, not just a test feature.

  3. Worli says:

    Ad text does not encourage for more clicks but its says itself that “I am advertisement.” Google adds ad text so that only genuine users who are actually interested in the ads click it.

  4. Thomas Ballantyne says:

    Interesting concept. This concept could inadvertently increase revenues, not by more clicks but by bringing advertisers more relevant traffic making the traffic more valuable.

    Alas, I don’t believe that is what they are aiming for. I believe that the more they parrot the request and add back in the terms searched the more the user will trust the results.

  5. Marcus says:

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  6. John Carter says:

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