Adwords Enhanced Campaigns Resource

Adwords Enhanced Campaigns Resource

Advertisers are scrambling to understand Enhanced Campaigns and get their campaigns in order for the fundamental shift in how Adwords is managed. We’ve compiled a list of as many sites as we know of that are reporting on this change. We will be reading and re-reading anything we can get our hands on to understand the changes! Hopefully this will be helpful to you too:

Last updated – 4/2/13 – I’ve marked my top 5 most useful posts with ***

From Google Themselves:

Articles That Will Best Help You Prepare

When to Upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns

Enhanced Campaigns – Pros

Enhanced Campaigns – Cons

Enhanced Campaigns – Neutral

We will be updating this as often as we can so come bookmark and come back later!

If you have any site’s we’ve missed add them in the comments and we’ll add ASAP. Also, if you need a Utah pay per click company that knows Enhanced Campaigns, check us out. 🙂