Any Thoughts On Mark Cuban Getting Fined 25k?

Everybody has heard about this by now, but I am wondering what real people that use Twitter think about Mark Cuban getting fined 25k by the NBA for Twittering bad stuff about the refs?  I am not interested in what the media (most of whom have never even used Twitter) think.  I am not one to defend Mark Cuban, but this is lame and I can’t believe they fined him.  About the only good thing that has come from this is hearing that “You can make money from Twitter now” – that is if you are the NBA.  Funny.

This kind of stuff damages the NBA – my father in law and I were talking about how we have stopped watching a lot of NBA because of all the ref scandals of years back.  We were talking about so many games we were wondering how come so many bad calls, and now we know … they were all fixed.  So why not call out the refs?  Are we sure they are not pulling the same crap?  We need to keep them in check and that’s all Mark Cuban was doing.

Makes me wonder when the first person is going to win a large sum of money for suing someone who “tweeted” something bad about them.  It will be all the new rage to making money via Twitter!  Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Any Thoughts On Mark Cuban Getting Fined 25k?

  1. Spencer Janke says:

    What a joke… I agree, I am an avid Utah Jazz fan and over the years it really has become ridiculous. Just curious how can they fine him, is there a rule that says you are not allowed to talk bad about refs? Isn’t there a freedom of speech thing in this country? I think everyone should start tweeting and facebooking bad things about all the refs just to make a point…

  2. Mat Siltala says:

    @Spencer Janke
    haha – agreed. It just makes me even madder because we (Suns) were a part of that whole scandal where the refs were being paid (vs Spurs) an I was watching those games scratching my head….makes me not want to watch anymore if its all a big lie anyway…

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