Arizona Cardinals Going To The Superbowl!

For the first time ever – The Arizona Cardinals are going to the Superbowl!  I am so proud of this team for not giving up, and for the fans NEVER losing faith that they would make it!  I just had a feeling that they would do it after the Seattle game.  It was like they became a new team. I was reading a great post from Nate Moller talking about Kurt Warner and the power of never taking no for an answer.  People said the Cardinals could never get past Atlanta, they did.  No way they could get past Carolina, they did.  OK, now there was NO WAY they could get past the Eagles and guess what they did.  All with a QB everyone said was to old.  Kurt Warner is going to be the 3rd oldest QB to ever play in a superbowl and IMO, he’s gonna win.  He does not take no for an answer! Again, Congrats to the Arizona Cardinals for making the Superbowl!  I was so happy to get to meet Kurt Warner and talk to him a few weeks ago after the Seattle game.  He told me he was going to do everything he could to make the fans of Arizona proud of its Cardinals – Superbowl aside, he already has!!  He is one of the coolest people I have ever met.
Kurt Warner Signing my Jersey
Kurt Warner Signing my Jersey
Kurt Warner Autograph
Kurt Warner Autograph

6 thoughts on “Arizona Cardinals Going To The Superbowl!

  1. Nate Moller says:

    Not taking no for an answer may very well win Mr. Warner yet another Super Bowl ring! What a great guy – congrats for getting to meet him and get a signature (dude, you could sell that on Craigslist for a lot more than you did that TV 🙂 ) Some things just aren’t for sale though.

    I’ll be routing for the Cardinals, even more now that I know a bit more about Kurt’s background. As the saying goes, “The cream always rises to the top.” And it couldn’t happen to a better guy than Kurt Warner. Thanks for the link.

  2. Trevor says:

    Go Cards! Look- I’m not a believer. Warner is old but can definitely still sling it. Pittsburgh is good and has been there.

    … it would still be nice to see them win.

    Keep the faith!

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