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Utah Jiffy Lube owner, concerned about reputation management, calls me back

For those of you who read yesterday’s blog post, you know that I have had a major bone to pick with the Highland Utah Jiffy Lube. If you are interested in following the saga here is a short update. Today I received 2 voice mails and 2 emails from different high level Jiffy Lubers. (I […]

Highland Utah Jiffy Lube will want reputation management

Occasionally I experience something in the business world either so good or so bad that I cannot help but blog about it. My goal (beyond ranting) is to remind the business owners who read this blog about the priceless value of real customer service, as well as providing a taste of the business-crippling effects that […]

His question: “Can I get busted?” My answer below.

I received the following ‘hypothetical’ question by email this week. (*Disclaimer: This is a hypothetical question receiving a general information answer.) The Question: “If a person has an email list, about say classic trucks, and then that person hit’s the list with an affiliate promotion for a marketing product; Is that spam?” I believe the […]

Social media solution for saving money on legal fees

Chances are you hear several messages each day on ways to save money on legal fees. Companies like LegalZoom inundate the marketplace with advertisements for purchasing canned legal docs. I have a better solution – what about free canned legal docs? There is a fairly new social media site which aims to do just that. […]

What kinds of contracts need to be put in writing?

One of the questions that many business owners share is “what types of contracts need to be in writing?” Many people actually assume that a contract has to be in writing in order for it to exist. While I agree that all contracts SHOULD be in writing, many do not HAVE to be in order […]

The 411 on Spam Laws

As of 2008 there are 37 states in the USA, which have passed an anti-spam law to regulate unsolicited commercial email. Each one of these 37 states has a unique law, as there is no uniform state law. Despite there being no uniform law most anti-spam statutes, as well as the federal CAN SPAM ACT, […]

One Powerful LinkedIn Group Building Tip That You Won’t Want To Miss

A couple of weeks ago Mat Siltala wrote a useful post with tips for using LinkedIn. I thought I would add one additional tip for you today. I have found that creating groups can be a great way to capture and then speak to an audience. The Tip is to create a LinkedIn group, that […]

Unsuspecting partners

Yesterday, while talking with our utah web designer about business entities I once again realized how often people unexpectedly enter legal business partnerships. Why does this matter? Well to answer that you really have to know what it means to be part of a legal partnership. Wikipedia defines a partnership this way: In the commercial […]