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Celebrating Women in Business

At Avalaunch Media, we are lucky enough to have a front row seat to some impressive business success stories. Whether they come to us at their inception, or after years of company development, we are repeatedly impressed at the creativity, drive, and persistence of our clients. Of course, it often takes even more grit to […]

3 Proven Ways to Get Your Business in Local News

Morgan writes about literally anything for Avalaunch media clients. Before Avalaunch she endured trial by fire, water, and bureaucracy as a television reporter for local networks. She thinks skiing is worth moving to Utah and dating long-distance. Relationships between local news media and businesses can be mutually beneficial. For businesses, it’s free publicity and brand […]

The Value of Strategy in Digital Marketing

How to Implement Strategy in Digital Marketing Much like any successful business, killer digital marketing campaigns are not created overnight. As a business leader, you spend too many sleepless nights outlining plans and ideas, and several grueling months in the trial and error stage. By the time you’re ready to launch your new brand, you […]