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We’d Like to Thank the Academy

  Drumroll please…We are delighted to announce some exciting news. We have won three bronze Stevie Awards for our video efforts. These awards were presented at The 15th Annual Business Awards Banquet in June! Needless to say, we all immediately texted our moms, dads, significant others, and our pets to let them know the good […]

How To Create “Newsworthy” Stories

In our ever evolving world of technology and trends, it is hard to know how to create newsworthy stories and content. It is always a good idea to integrate trends into your stories and content. But what do you do if you can’t take a trending item and make it fit with your company and […]

Creating a New Age Digital PR Strategy

Today’s technology is more advanced than at any time in history. We have self- starting cars, smart phones, and innovative medicine to cure more and more diseases. Our world runs off of technology and numbers, but what does that mean for the public relations industry? Are the traditional methods outdated and useless? Has social media […]

47 Reasons To Love Avalaunch

For the past 21 years, the Mountain West Capital Network has hosted the Utah 100 awards. Avalaunch Media has ranked within the top 100 for the second year in a row—and this year we placed 47. In honor of our recent ranking, here are 47 reasons to love Avalaunch Media: Our mission is to launch […]

Marketing managers: Are you maximizing your returns?

  As marketing managers your job is to spend your budgets as wisely as possible. You are fund managers in a way, managing a portfolio of campaigns where you are looking to maximize your returns. And what exactly are you getting back in return for your spend? Is it clicks? Form fills? What conversion are […]