Avalaunch Media hits VEGAS!!!

From October 15 – 18 the entire Avalaunch Media crew is headed to Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 where thousands of leaders in social media, digital marketing, SEO, and online advertising will gather to share insight and network. The team is stoked to debut the new Avalaunch Media brand and to introduce “Eddy”, the new company mascot.  We’ll have a booth with all sorts of great stuff so if you’re attending, please make sure to stop by. In addition, two launchers, Dave Mink and Matt Siltala will speaking alongside the other world class digital marketing experts: Dave will be speaking on Social Media, Press Relations, & Brand Management.
David Mink Speaking at Pubcon
David Mink Speaking at Pubcon
Matt Siltala Speaking at Pubcon
Matt Siltala Speaking at Pubcon
http://www.pubcon.com/bios/matt_siltala.htm Matt will be speaking on Competitive Intelligence – Social Media Tools and Tactics (he actually talks about it on video here), Interactive Site Reviews : Focus on Organic and moderating a session on Proactive Link Campaign Tactics. Please let us know if you’re planning on attending and our team would love to arrange a meeting. Viva Las Vegas!!!

2 thoughts on “Avalaunch Media hits VEGAS!!!

  1. Kitty Mendez says:

    Are you daft? Pubcon is amazing! Everything about social media and online marketing in one place. Vegas is just the bonus.

  2. Emma Moreno says:

    I will definitely be attending Pubcon, and I will make sure to stop by your booth. I would love to learn about brand management and social media.

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