Avalaunch Looks Back-2018 Year in Review

Avalaunch Media Year in Review 2018 from AVALAUNCH MEDIA on Vimeo. Each year, we establish the goals we would like to achieve by the time December rolls around. Some of these goals are lofty, and others are accomplished fairly easily. This year, the Avalaunch team surprised even themselves with some of the best achievements in company history. Reflecting on the year that was, our 2018 successes provide insight on what type of digital marketing agency Avalaunch Media is — and will continue to be in 2019. 2018 Design and Marketing Awards One service we pride ourselves on is our cutting-edge visual content. In 2018, our designers earned industry awards for various branding, logo design, motion graphic, infographic, and strategic marketing campaign successes. Two primary highlights were becoming an Inc. 5000 recipient for the second year running, and beating out other Google Premier Partner Agencies to win a #WeArePartners promotional competition. Brand identity creation was another huge part of our 2018. Our designers’ efforts earned Davey Awards, dedicated to marketing efforts that do great things for companies with smaller budgets. We were awarded a gold Davey for our branding work with Britton BMI, and a silver Davey for our work with Stepstone Connect. We also won a gold Davey for an Avalaunch Media Full-Service promo video, which garnered 245K YouTube views as of December 2018. Avalaunch also became a two-time Gold Telly Award-winner, this time for a motion graphic video called “Content in Motion.” That video also became a Utah 100 Merit Award winner in a showcase of Utah’s official “Best Graphic Design” of 2018. Infographics have long been staple visual content at Avalaunch. This year, we were hired by Under Armour to produce a Super Bowl-themed infographic titled “Touchdown Chow Down,” which won a Gold Muse Award. And on the marketing campaign front, we earned a Silver Stevie Award for Blendtec’s “Go Jar” online marketing campaign.   #AvalaunchGivesBack Quarterly Charity Program Clients that sign with Avalaunch appreciate that we are an agency with a heart, striving to do good in our community. This year, Avalaunch waged a garden clean up day for the families of Ronald McDonald House Charities. We also held a Humane Society pet food drive, coupled with a” Bring Your Pet to Work Day.” For our end-of-year charity efforts, we worked to make a little girl’s wish come true by sending her to Disneyland through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Google Days Avalaunch Google Days continued to provide value to our clients via inside information on how to make the most of search and paid advertising. In 2018, there were two landmark Google Days, the first of which was held in Utah and featured GoPro Bomb Squad athlete Marshall Miller, Michelle Robbins from Marketing Land, and Bryant Garvin of Purple Mattress. This Google Day incorporated a client appreciation ski day — and incredible powder conditions —  at Brighton Resort. And later in the year, the 2018 Mountain View Google Day featured keynote speaker The Iron Cowboy, whose presentation didn’t leave a dry eye in the house. Big Fish to Fry Each year, Avalaunch takes time to reflect and improve as a company with the annual Fish Fry. This year, we rolled out the “8 Pillars of Digital Marketing and OKR” as foundational elements of our marketing strategy — principles that only four months later are already bringing benefits to our clients, keeping them on the cutting edge of digital marketing. New Faces for Comprehensive Service As our service offerings such as marketing automation gather momentum, it’s been necessary to add 16 new employees to our digital marketing dream team. These additions include an expansion of the social media and marketing automation teams, and the addition of two new strategists. Growth Initiatives Our clients are guaranteed that Avalaunch staff are inspired to provide top employee performance and best value. Yeti Bucks are dished out bi-weekly as we also celebrate our wins as a team. In 2018, we marked our quarterly goals and closed out the year with a bang! There was a Top Golf quarterly celebration and a private viewing of the movie “Small Foot” for staff and clients. Clients Love Our Culture At Avalaunch, we like to have fun celebrating holidays, and news of our cultural escapades travels fast. For Valentine’s Day, our very own SEO Cowboy became SEO Cupid for a day; fearsome creatures came out of the woodwork for Yeti Appreciation Day; and the Avalaunch design team won a spirited Halloween decoration competition in which the design room was transformed into a wonderland inspired by Pixar’s “Coco.”   Here’s to 2019! Avalaunch Media does its best to inspire our clients and provide experiences outside of the norm, on top of our groundbreaking digital marketing services. So here’s a big “thank you” to all of our clients — we look forward to sharing exciting events and experiences with you again in 2019.