Pownce Is Officially Shutting Down

I just got the official notice today (even though I have been hearing rumors for some time now) that Pownce is officially shutting down shop on December 15th.  I guess you can’t hit home runs with everything you do huh?  Pownce had potential, but when Twitter came along and had such a better interface, not […]

Cyber Monday Craziness

Today, Cyber Monday, is the biggest online sales day of the year for many online businesses, but is it and has it really been all that this go-around?  It appears not. Cyber Monday became known as such back in 2005 after the National Retail Federation Trade Group coined th phrase, in an attempt to define […]

Kicking It Old Skool SEO With My Friend – Keyword Research 101

Everyday I am hit with a ton of questions related to Internet Marketing, and every once in a while I get one I like and feel like answering in a post, and today this question from Jennifer, is the winner: I am brand new to Internet business, how would I know which terms or keywords […]

A Favorite Thanksgiving and Christmas Recipe – Cranberry Waldorf Salad

I’m sitting here watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with my family while preparing a few things for the meal tonight…and I had a thought and acted on it. I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone of our clients, and readers and followers a Happy Thanksgiving. I am truly thankful for the things […]