Get Social. Salesforce was looking for a partner to help them create strong visual assets and infographics to help increase engagement on their social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and their blog.


Social psychology. Avalaunch Media worked to identify opportunities to publish great content that would speak to their social audience. Once the Avalaunch team researched out the top topics, the team got busy creating amazing visual content for that purpose. Avalaunch produced several data driven infographics tailored to the social audience and clients. Along with providing infographics, Avalaunch also created several micro graphics and optimized sharable images specifically designed for use on social media.


Socialization. was able to refine their social messaging with the implementation of strong visuals. The content quickly increased their social engagement leading to increased shares, comments and likes. The assets created also helped engage their audience in association with Salesforce events including product launches, and the Dreamforce conference held over the past few years.