Creating Thought Leadership for Staples



Business Type:
Office Supplies

Project Goal:
Increase thought leadership

The Challenge

Staples, a well-established company in the office supplies industries, approached Avalaunch with a challenge in increasing their thought leadership and rankings for competitive keywords on their content hub. Despite their efforts, they were struggling to reach their desired ranking for these keywords. As a result, they sought out Avalaunch Media to help them overcome this challenge and improve their online visibility.

The Approach

The Avalaunch team of experts conducted a thorough analysis of Staples’ content hub and identified several content opportunities that would greatly benefit Staples in their efforts to increase their rankings for competitive keywords. Our team then worked closely with Staples to understand their target audience and the type of content that would engage and inform them. Based on this research, we created a content strategy that aimed to provide valuable, relevant and high-quality content that would meet the needs of their target audience.

4 Steps to the Thought Leadership Strategy:

4 Steps to the Thought Leadership Strategy:

Screenshot of a digital interface

The Results

By leveraging these content opportunities, we were able to drive traffic to Staples’ content hub and improve their rankings for competitive keywords. Our approach to content marketing helped Staples establish their brand as a leader in the industry and reach their desired rankings in search engine results for these pages.

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