Timeless elegance. Utilizing a new technology to better-search engine results for the fashion industry, this client needed something timeless yet trendy, modern yet classic, and elegant in its simplicity.


Color theory. By researching the fashion industry, Avalaunch Media discov- ered this season’s “it color”, then incorporated a stitched line on the slides and organized information in an innovative, relatable way. Isolating the “it color”, by surrounding it with white, greys and black, kept the slides on point with fashion’s main color staples. Every element of the deck was editable so that the client could adjust the “it color” as the seasons changed, as fads and trends came and went.


Client favorite. An intelligently designed deck the client loved, this marketing device showed an understanding of the audience and conveyed the informa- tion in an easy-to-understand and quick-to-read manner.