Launching Revenue through Email Marketing


Haven Tents

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Project Goal:
Grow Revenue with Email Marketing

Haven Tents creates the ultimate outdoor sleeping experience by offering the most comfortable way to sleep outside. Their patented design creates a flat and open sleeping platform that offers the best outdoor sleeping option on the market.

The Challenge

Haven hired Avalaunch Media as their full-service digital marketing agency and one of their top requests was to help create and optimize their email marketing efforts. They knew they could be doing more to optimize their current email lists and to capture more emails from site visitors. In addition, they knew they had a big opportunity to capitalize on the lost revenue in the abandoned carts. So Avalaunch went to work on creating the ideal email marketing strategy.

The Approach

The Avalaunch team worked with Haven Tents to build out multiple new email flows including an abandoned cart flow, an upsell/cross sell flow, a welcome series, a post-purchase series and several others. The two teams found the ideal email marketing platform, completed the design and copywriting for the different series and managed the sending and reporting.

4 Pillars of Avalaunch Email Marketing:

4 Pillars of Avalaunch Email Marketing:

Haven Tents email portfolio.

The Results

After only a few months of execution, we have already seen a big lift in the revenue from the email marketing campaigns. Over $88,000 in revenue has already been captured and these campaigns are still running daily. The welcome email series alone has generated over $55,000 in revenue and the abandoned cart series has generated over $25,000 in revenue. The Haven team is thrilled with the results and we’re all working together to further optimize the email campaigns.

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