Launching Cove's User Generated Videos



Business Type:
B2C - Home Security

Project Goal:
Grow revenue while decreasing CPA

Cove is an award winning DIY home security system that is both effective and affordable. They offer a wide variety of home security systems and are able to find the perfect options for residents looking add more peace of mind with their security.

The Challenge

Cove approached the paid advertising team at Avalaunch Media to help create and manage an ad campaign focused on video user reviews and testimonials. They felt that if they could showcase their customers opening the package, installing and using the security system and ultimately feeling more secure at home, they would grow revenue. They had seen many other video ad campaigns that Avalaunch Media had created for other clients and knew that by leveraging their expertise and background, they’d be able to grow their revenue and optimize their ad spend. Their ultimate goal was to grow revenue while keeping their return on ad spend (ROAS) at or below historical levels.

The Approach

Avalaunch Media worked closely with the Cove team to learn more about the key features and benefits of the security system. With this information, Avalaunch set out to begin writing storyboards and scripting for the new video ads.

The team at Avalaunch found multiple influencers and ad creators they felt would be the perfect fit for the various videos. They provided the content creators with the product and a general script for their videos. The videos were produced in many different formats, styles and lengths so they could be used across a broad range of social advertising platforms and A/B tested against each other.

Once the videos had been produced, Avalaunch began building targeted and high-intent audiences to begin testing the ads. The team A/B tested all of the video ads and began optimizing for the ideal audiences and platforms. Over time, Avalaunch has learned the characteristics of the videos that resonate and convert with the Cove audience, which has led to continued growth and optimization.

Key steps in the user generated content campaigns:

Key steps in the user generated content campaigns:

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The Results

The user generated video campaigns have been incredibly successful. The Cove audience loves the videos and the campaigns have generated thousands in revenue. The ads produced a 15% lower CPA for prospecting, a 29% lower CPA for retargeting, they got 3X more engagement and increased the thumb stop ratio by 150%. Avalaunch is continuing to produce more videos and A/B test them against each other.

Avalaunch Media has years of experience in creating and managing user generated content campaigns for eCommerce companies. To see more of our UGC videos please visit our videos page and to learn more about our social video ads please visit our creative ads page.

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